Oooft: Someone’s Been Scattering The Masked Singer Spoilers Across Wikipedia & TAKE IT OFF

I mean, say what you want about our The Masked Singer spoiler-dropping ways (yeah, I’m looking at you Osher Günsberg), but our sources have been correct so far and here’s our latest tip off.

Some sneaky person has been littering Masked Singer spoilers across Wikipedia, by editing certain celebs’ pages with indications that they’re on the show this year and soon to be unmasked.

Spoilers are ahead, obvs, so click away now if ya wanna avoid potentially ruining it for yourself…

As spotted by our fave spicy podcast So Dramatic!, Neighbours star Bonnie Anderson’s Wiki page has been edited, and now reads: “She’s also the Bushranger.”

Credit: So Dramatic!

Another Aussie star who’s rumoured to be one of our phantom song birds is The Wiggles singer Simon Pryce, and his Wiki has been edited to say, “On The Masked Singer Australia as the puppet.”

It comes after two big spoilers were spotted on Insta, one of them being that Julia Morris was Kitten, which, BTW, turned out to be true.

Check out the other spoiler here.