Osher Günsberg & A Viewer Beefed Over Masked Singer Spoilers And Fetch Me The Popcorn Costume

Osher Günsberg is king of my heart, king of the small screen and now apparently king of…. gently beefing with Masked Singer fans on Twitter? A diverse skillset to be sure.

ICYMI, on Monday night’s episode of The Masked Singer Australia Blowfly was revealed to be Shannon Noll of Australian Idol fame.

Two worlds colliding etc, etc.

Now of course Osher Günsberg is also of Australian Idol fame, having hosted the show for its entire run. The Masked Singer was thus a beautiful reunion for the pair. Hearts and ears were warmed around the nation.

Because he is a king, Günsberg tweets about The Masked Singer while it’s airing. He is not just a host but also a fan. One of us! One of us!

After Monday’s ep, Osher revealed he’d known Blowfly was Shannon Noll thanks to a little prank Nollsy used to play back in their Idol days.

“I knew it was Shannon two eps ago when he tapped me on the shoulder and then poked me in the eye, which is the exact trick he used to do back on Idol,” he tweeted.

A South Australian viewer then tweeted a critique of Osher’s gentle spoiler-ing

“Time zone, dude. Rooster has only just finished singing in South Australia,” they wrote.

This is partly fair because I too love to lurk on Twitter to see everyone else’s thoughts on reality TV. But if you’re in a different time zone, you simply must accept that spoilers will abound.

Osher then responded and frankly, I’d like to see him speak to some of the lads on The Bachelorette this way.

Oh I’m so sorry that I came into your house, unlocked your phone, and forced you to look at an app,” he said.

“I won’t do it again.

“Also, if you don’t know to not look at Twitter when you don’t live in an East Coast timezone — you probably shouldn’t own a phone.”

Truly I am screaming.

The mental image of Osher angrily coming into someone’s house and tweeting The Masked Singer spoilers from their phone is very, very funny.

As someone who grew up in Adelaide though, this is further proof that people in South Australia should be given their own version of Twitter so they can tweet about The Masked Singer in spoiler-free peace.