Here at PEDESTRIAN.TV, we mine the depths of the internet to bring you spicy content on your favourite Aussie reality stars.

But have ya noticed that our Bachie content has gotten a wee bit spicier around the time the recent Bachelor In Paradise season kicked off? Well, that’s because a podcast called So Dramatic! was born and with it came a never-ending avalanche of tea.

Created by journalist Megan Pustetto last monththe podcast has already featured reality TV royalty, from Gemini queen Abbie Chatfield to savage gals Kiki Morris and Renee Barrett. Let me tell ya, it’s become an absolute gossip GOLD MINE and it’s dominating the podcast charts (deservedly so).

We chatted to the spicy content aficionado do behind the podcast to get a sense of her tea-spilling process and cop some intel about the primo guests she’s chatted to.

What inspired you to start the podcast?

It was actually a total accident! As you know, the media has suffered a lot since COVID, and my freelance work completely dried up once the pandemic hit. However, gossip never sleeps, so I still had all of these juicy stories that I was sitting on but nowhere to publish them because media budgets had been cut or completely frozen. I hate waste, so I decided to throw all the content onto a podcast. And now here we are…

How did you manage to secure interviews with so many primo Aussie reality stars?

A lot of blood, sweat and tears! These interviews don’t just happen overnight. It’s relationship building that usually takes months and months of talking to them, helping them, giving them advice, and genuinely gaining their trust before they even agree to do an interview on the record. You really need to stay in the loop with everyone at all times and work on building and maintaining that trust with them. That way, they’re much more willing to open up and tell you things when the time comes.

I have been covering reality TV for almost ten years now, working as an entertainment reporter at a number of Australia’s biggest media outlets. So I have cultivated a lot of contacts in my little black book over the years. Which helps because usually, a reality star will recommend you to another reality star. It’s word of mouth a lot of the time. Although sliding into their DMs works a treat too!

I’ve also had a lot of friends from my personal life end up on reality TV, so I have lucked out massively in that regard, especially lately. In the past two years, I’ve had either a friend or friend of a friend on every single reality show. So that’s been a big help and huge advantage because the hardest obstacle is getting someone to trust you, and that’s much easier to do if they already know you or know someone who does who can vouch for you.

Which reality stars have seemed the most nervous and which ones took it in their stride?

To be honest, no one has been nervous, at least not that I could tell anyway. My goal is to make my guests feel comfortable and I try to talk to them exactly how I would to a friend. That’s how you get people to open up and how you’re able to ask the hard-hitting questions without them getting defensive and feeling like they’re being attacked. I think the only people who would be nervous are the ones breaking their contracts to speak to me.

Which interview has been the spiciest so far?

I can’t choose a favourite! I love them all equally! They are like children to me. BUT I loved talking to Nadine from Bachelor. She spilt tea on everyone and everything! She did not hold back, which always makes for a great interview. A lot of people were mad about that chat, it caused quite a bit of controversy because she made a lot of outrageous claims. But I thought it was great because she had no filter and was being really brutally honest – she had zero fucks to give and was 100% her true self during our chat which is all I ask from my guests! At the end of the day, reality TV is a form of entertainment, it’s not life or death stuff, so I like to have fun with it.

My interview with Abbie Chatfield was probably the spiciest in terms of content, lots of dick, sex and masturbation chat – no surprises there. Jarrod Woodgate was a huge scoop and probably the most explosive yet because he lifted the lid on the biggest scandal at the time which was Ciarran Stott and it was also the first time he ever spoke about his breakup from Keira Maguire – so that was a double whammy!

My most popular interview in terms of listeners would have to be my unofficial Bachelor in Paradise reunion with Kiki Morris and Renee Barrett. That was months in the making and well worth the wait because it was some real Jerry Springer shit.

Why do you think people (everyone from the stars to the crew) are so happy to leak confidential info?

Revenge! Seriously… as nasty as that sounds, that’s usually the biggest MO. Usually, the source can’t stand seeing someone portrayed in a way that isn’t accurate, so a lot of the time they are just keen to expose the truth and set the record straight for the public, I guess it helps them sleep at night knowing they’ve done a small civil duty for the greater good of society.

So much of what we see on reality TV is a lie. Usually, the villains that everybody hates are actually the nicest and most genuine people in real life so exposing the truth is the ultimate goal.

Who do you think is the most different to their on-screen portrayal?

You know, it’s really funny. As much as people are often given favourable edits or portrayed completely different to who they are, often their true colours are eventually shown either on another show or just through their behaviour after. Actually, I wouldn’t even really say “true colours,” more so, another side of their personality.

Because often, we only get to see one side of or a small part of who they really are due to the limited time they have on screen. Human beings are complex by nature. We’re multifaceted and layered. Except TV often only shines the spotlight on one specific element of someone’s personality in order to typecast them into a certain character mould. So I wouldn’t necessarily say contestant’s portrayals are inaccurate, but more we only get to see a heightened version of a particular element of their personality, it’s a very small snippet into who they really are. That’s why I love what I do. Because you really get to delve deep into the person and find out what makes them tick. You get to know them on a deeper level.

The best example I can think of is Ines Basic. She’s such an interesting character. I got to know her very well during MAFS and it was extremely eye-opening to see her on-screen persona unfold at the same time as I was getting to know her on a personal level behind closed doors. While she’s a deeply flawed individual, she’s extremely multifaceted and also has a very sensitive and caring side that the public didn’t get to see much of, unfortunately.

Ines starred in last year’s season of MAFS. (Credit: Nine)

We’re seeing a growing trend of reality stars speak out about their treatment from production companies and networks. Jamie Doran has even indicated he’s going to pursue legal action over BIP. What do you think is driving this trend?

I love when the drama seeps out from our screens and into real life, so I am watching this saga unfold with a full box of popcorn in hand. I really feel that something like this has been a long time coming. Production companies are continuously pushing the boundaries when it comes to the portrayal of contestants. Reality TV originally started as a fly on the wall look into real-life events, but as time has gone on, it has moved further and further away from the essence of true reality. Technically, it’s scripted, heavily guided and edited reality, and as viewers, we must always keep this in mind when consuming the content.

Most contestants go on reality TV shows with the expectation that they will be portrayed accurately 100% of the time, so when this doesn’t happen, I can understand why they get upset and angry. But I have seen these contracts many times before, and there is literally a clause that says something like, “you give us permission to portray you however we wish.” If there’s a need for that to be in contact, then you should have a pretty good idea of what you’re signing up for! But at the end of the day, reality TV is purely a form of entertainment and producers have a show to make!

Do you have any big ones on the horizon that you can tease us with?

I’ve always got something up my sleeve. You have to in this industry! It’s so cutthroat and things are always changing, especially at the eleventh hour, so you always need to have a Plan B and even Plan C! But there’s a reason I never tease my next interview and that’s usually so networks don’t get wind of it and put a stop to it! So unfortunately for that reason, I can’t give you any spoilers (I only spoil other shows, not my own!). BUT I will say that my goal before the end of the year is to get the Honey Badger or Sophie Monk on the podcast. So Sophie and HB if you’re reading this, please slide into my DMs!

Go give it a listen here and follow the So Dramatic! podcast’s official Insta here to spice up your life.