Please Let Bushranger On Masked Singer Be Everybody’s Fave Garden Guru Costa Georgiadis

Please Let Bushranger On Masked Singer Be Everybody's Fave Garden Guru Costa Georgiadis

Folks, meet Bushranger, one of the 12 new contestants on The Masked Singer Australia season 2. Bushranger, Ned Kelly? Tomato, tomahto. Who is the Bushranger you ask? Costa Georgiadis, my money’s on Costa.

All The Clues We Have So Far

Ahead of the official clues, Bushranger said in a teaser: “My voice is wanted dead or alive” so we’re leaning real hard into the Kelly vibe.

Clue #1: “I’m not afraid to take the gloves off and get my hands a little dirty.”

Clue #2: Music has always been in my life, this isn’t my first rodeo

Clue #3: I’m proud to walk in my family’s footsteps. 

Clue #4: In my business, sometimes you have to swim with sharks. I did and it was the lowest I have ever fallen.

Clue #5: I am a disciple of hard work and imagination, it’s how you get to be a champion and eventually take on the world.

I just had a delicious chuckle at one of the comments on The Masked Singer Instagram. This one bloke commented: “NED KELLY BACK FROM THE GRAVE”. Classic.

The People Most Likely To Be Bushranger

Okay, so a couple of names have been thrown around. Some make sense like Costa, the Greek god of gardening, who habitually and quite literally gets his hands dirty.

Costa on Masked Singer just makes sense. And, he loves performing.

Put him on The Voice, put him on everything.

Other people reckon Bushranger is Tommy Little and I… don’t get it, unless I’m missing something obvious? I mean, if they’re supposed to be a cheeky bugger then sure, Tommy’s in with a solid chance.

Maybe Bushranger is a boxer, actually. Or is that too obvious? I need more bloody clues.

The Bushranger Guesses:

Kylie Minogue, Camila Cabello, Kayla Fenech, Bonnie Anderson.

The sparkly competitor aside, Lindsay Lohan has bowed out of this season so comedian Urzila Carlson will replace her on the guessing panel. She’ll join the usual lineup of Jackie O, Dave Hughes, and Dannii Minogue.

The Masked Singer Australia premieres August 10 on Channel 10.