People Reckon That Beetle-Loving Frillneck On Masked Singer Is Actor & Singer Eddie Perfect

Another episode of The Masked Singer! Another set of clues! Another opportunity to guess!

Tonight we welcomed back the masked celebs and heard a bit more of their voices, but there was one voice in particular which heaps of people think they recognised.

Viewers all over Australia can not stop saying Frillneck is singer/actor Eddie Perfect, and it all makes sense, tbh.

It’s not just his voice, either. Those clues screamed “Eddie Perfect” if you know a thing or two about the man.

Somebody tell those foolish judges the”cockroaches” on the chessboard were actually beetles, as in… Beetlejuice.

What else happened? Well Dannii Minogue finally guessed literal angel Kate Miller-Heidke as Queen, which is what the whole damn country’s been thinking since last week anyway.

In the end, it was Goldfish who was revealed to be Christine Anu. Not that we already couldn’t tell.

Turns out she was a judo blackbelt as a child. Who knew?

But let’s not also forget when Jackie O decided to point out the obvious earlier on.

Eddie Perfect, Kate Miller-Heidke and Christine Anu? We’re doing pretty well with professional singers this season, assuming those first two guesses are accurate.

Turns out people on The Masked Singer can actually sing. Who knew?