Joe Jonas’ Reckoning Has Begun: Peep The Suss Pics, Wild Tea & Resurfaced Gigi Hadid Allegations

Alright so by now, we’re all aware of the narrative being peddled in the midst of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner‘s divorce. You know, the one where all of the anonymous sources seem to confirm their split whilst low-key shading Sophie and painting her as an unfit mum and wife? Well, thankfully, it seems like Sophie’s camp has now entered the chat.

According to sources speaking to TMZ, they claim that Joe was “less than supportive” after the birth of their second child. They say that Sophie didn’t want to go to events or be photographed. Despite this, she was seen with Joe at several events.

The same source claims that at one particular event, Sophie made it clear she didn’t want to be there. Another time, when there was an event that Sophie didn’t attend, Joe was overheard complaining.

“It was clear to the people who were there and heard Joe... there was a strain in the relationship,” the source claimed.

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On Thursday, a source close to the couple spoke to People to confirm why their kids have been living with Joe in the US.

“She has been shooting which is why the kids have been with Joe. It’s just been easier because she’s been working for the kids to be with him because there’s some more support at home and on the road with his family. It’s something they both agreed was best.”

This account differs slightly from the one we’d been told since the rumours of the divorce began spreading on Wednesday which implied that Sophie was an absent mother who loved a cheeky party. You can read about those low-key fucked up rumours here.

But in short, all accounts surrounding the divorce seem to paint Joe as this incredible father who is fronting all the responsibility.

This seems to be a narrative Joe is really leaning into following some pap pics captured by TMZ yesterday. The pictures, which you can see here, feature Joe with his two kids, Willa, three, and his one-year-old daughter whose name is unknown.

TMZ reported that he “kept a happy face for the kiddos, making them smile and trading high-fives as everyone ate and chatted.”

The thing is, this account of Joe being a homebody and super active dad is pretty new. For years, there have been rumours and blind items that paint Joe as a bit of a party boy. Let’s unpack those cheeky rumours, shall we?

joe jonas sophie turner rumours
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But first, if you’re not familiar with the term “blind items” let me explain.

Blind items are anonymous gossip stories posted online by people in the know. They contain just enough detail to identify the celebrities involved without naming them outright. These tidbits of info are often where the gossip stories reported by leading rumour rags TMZ or Deuxmoi come from. While these stories are widely unverified, in my experience as an entertainment reporter, many of them turn out to be true – especially if there are a whole heap saying the same thing.

Anyway, while we put together all the rumours surrounding both Joe and Sophie’s relationship earlier this week, today we’ve compiled a bunch of Joe’s spicy little blind items over the years for your reading pleasure. Take them with a grain of salt, just like we should take the insinuation that Sophie Turner is a party animal and unfit mother 🥰.

Joe’s cheating rumours

There have been countless rumours of Joe cheating throughout his relationship with Sophie.

Now, if you ask me, I firmly believe that most celebrities have open relationships in some way, shape or form. You can ask any of my colleagues, I wholeheartedly think celebs are all fucking at all times. But this is purely a guess, so let’s assume Joe and Sophie are in a traditional monogamous relationship for the purpose of this section when I refer to these allegations as “cheating”.

Since the start of Joe and Sophie’s relationship, cheating rumours have been rife. Sophie and Joe were first rumoured to be dating in 2016, and of course, the blind item whispers kicked off shortly after.

The iconic Beyond The Blinds podcast, which explores and compiles blind items, has an entire episode about Joe which dropped in May of last year.

In a podcast episode titled “Burning Up With Joe Jonas,” they explored a series of tips from throughout the years that point to cheating rumours.

Questionable behaviour

Cheating rumours aside, there are more blind items that seem to imply that Joe isn’t always a good bloke.

One blind item account claims that he’s attempted to break up with Sophie a bunch of times, but he never went through with it.

“I think this is why he used to break up with people by text,” they said, as reported by TikTok’s gossip queen Kyle Marisa Roth.

It’s interesting to note that Taylor Swift has very famously called out Joe for breaking up with her over a 27-second phone call back in 2008. A bunch of Taylor’s early tracks are rumoured to be about Joe, including “Mr Perfectly Fine”, “Forever & Always”, “Better Than Revenge”, “Last Kiss” and “Holy Ground” (to name a few).

Naturally, with the world so captivated by Joe and Sophie tea, it’s no wonder that another instance of some shitty behavior resurfaced this week too.

In 2015, Teen Vogue published an article that claimed that Joe hit on Gigi Hadid when she was just 13 years old. That would make Joe 19 years old. In other words, an adult pursuing a child.

Teen Vogue ran the article under the headline “13-Year-Old Gigi Hadid Rejected Every Girl’s Disney Crush Joe Jonas” which in hindsight, is a bit icky.

“We met at the Grammys when I was 13 years old and he asked me to a baseball game, and I said no,” Gigi said in a Periscope stream.

“I was so nervous; I literally didn’t even know what it meant to hang out with a boy. And also, Grammys are on a Sunday, and I didn’t want to tell him that I had school the next day, so I was like, ‘No, maybe next time.’”

Gigi then claimed that Joe wrote his number down and gave it to her mum, Yolanda Hadid. Apparently, it was the start of a friendship before they began dating in 2015.

“Except now, we’re more than friends, obvs,” she concluded.


A whole lot to unpack here. Again, I want to stress that none of these blind item accounts are verified. It’s all hearsay. We certainly don’t know the full story. But where there’s smoke there’s fire.

I think my goal here is to show that there’s a lot more under the surface than the information that we’re seeing in the media when it comes to celebrity divorces.

We’ll never know all the details but we can try our best to avoid obvious biases.