Joe Jonas Has Filed For Divorce From Sophie Turner So Guess We Can Stop Living In Denial Now

Joe Jonas Sophie Turner

The Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner divorce saga has taken another turn, with Joe reportedly filing for divorce after four years of marriage.

After it first broke divorce rumours on Sunday, TMZ has now reported that Joe filed divorce docs which have been “obtained by TMZ”. The outlet hasn’t published the actual documents, instead choosing to cherry-pick tidbits from the docs to share.

According to TMZ, Joe has filed for joint custody of the couple’s two kids Willa, three, and their one-year-old daughter.

Joe reportedly says in the court filing that he wants to establish a co-parenting plan with Sophie that involves: “frequent and continuing contact with both parties”.

So where did it all go wrong? On Sunday, reports first emerged that Sophie and Joe were having difficulties after fans noticed that the two genetically blessed celebrities hadn’t been wearing their wedding rings.

Then, adding more fuel to the fire, multiple outlets cited insider sources who claimed that the relationship had been on the rocks for “the last six months” and that Joe was currently seeking legal counsel to file for divorce.

Currently, Joe is on tour with his band The Jonas Brothers, and the last time he was spotted wearing his wedding band was on stage on August 25. Since then, he’s been consistently spotted on and off stage without a ring. But then on Sunday Joe uploaded a pic on Instagram wearing the ring – which some fans think is an old pic to throw us off the scent. Cynical? Absolutely.

Meanwhile, Sophie was spotted in a friend’s IG post with a bare wedding band finger too.

Look, forgetting to wear your ring is totally normal but both of them? On multiple occasions? As public figures who know how much the general population reads into this kind of stuff?

It was interesting.

Fans have also speculated that the split is why the young parents sold their Miami home in August this year. They originally bought the estate for $17 million AUD in 2021 and put it on the market in 2022 for just under $26 million AUD. They ended up selling for $23 million AUD.

While it’s a neat little profit, it’s certainly not what they intended to get for it.

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(Image Source: Getty Images / Gotham)

To many fans, the split might seem like a huge shock. After all, Sophie and Joe looked like they had the ultimate marriage. But apparently, the cheeky rumour mill has been working overtime about these two since July.

TikTok’s gossip queen Kyle Marisa Roth found an anonymous gossip tip-off that there’s more to the trouble-in-paradise story.

“Desperately trying to sell your house and taking way below asking is one thing, but when the A-lister married boy-bander started taking an interest in a 20-year-old model/fan – and it isn’t just for a threesome – then you have to start telling yourself the marriage is over,” she read.


I’m not saying that tip is true, and I’d encourage you to take it with a hefty grain of salt, but that’s still tea.

Sophie and Joe were first linked back in 2016 and got engaged a year later. They got hitched in Vegas in 2019 which was so fkn cool and low-key, and then had a second bigger ceremony. Best of both worlds, no? The actor-singer power couple had their first child in 2020 and then another in 2022.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are yet to officially confirm the split, but sadly I think a notes app post is coming.