Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner Now Appear To Be In Mad Damage Control Mode After Split Rumours

It’s been a whirlwind couple of days for fans of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner.

Are they together? Are they getting a divorce? Well, the jury is still out. While many signs seem to be pointing to the end of their four-year relationship, the couple have gone into damage-control mode to put these split rumours to bed.

In case you missed it, the rumours that Joe and Sophie were headed to splitsville kicked off on Monday after both of the genetically blessed stars were spotted without their wedding rings. In Joe’s case, he was papped multiple times without it, performing on stage with his band The Jonas Brothers’ to thousands of people.

But after the internet went absolutely wild with a whole heap of allegations – you can read all of them here – Joe posted a picture of him and his Jo-Bros sitting around a fire before their Austin show. In it, his left hand is front and centre with his ring glistening in the sun.

Clearly, that wasn’t enough to get people like you and me to stop yabbering about their potential split. So on Monday night, during the Jonas Brother’s gig in Austin, Texas, Joe kept the wedding band on while he performed. It was the first time he wore his ring on stage since August 25.

After the gig, pics and videos emerged of a woman who looked like a (slightly blurry) Sophie Turner standing in the crowd at the performance.

Sophie hasn’t been spotted at a gig since the opening night of their tour on August 12. To be totally honest she’s a mum of two who has her own life outside of her husband, so I don’t personally think that’s really evidence that they’ve split up but I’m including it for transparency.

But when these pics and videos started to go viral, with fans using it as proof that they couldn’t possibly be separating, folks who were in attendance have jumped to the comment sections of TikTok vids to set the record straight. They believe that this woman isn’t Sophie after all.

You can see the footage in the TikTok below.

“That woman walked by us like eight times. Not Sophie,” one commenter wrote.

“THIS WAS NOT HER,” wrote another passionately.

“I was sitting by VIP on the floor and saw the lady go talk to Priyanka but she def is not sophie,” claimed another commenter.

And there are a HEAP more where that came from. Other fans have stated that Sophie was seen to have blonde hair yesterday and that it’s unlikely she’s made such a big change so quickly.

Hmmm. Very interesting.

At this stage, I think the couple have entered damage control. Especially considering all the cheeky rumours and blind items that don’t exactly paint Joe in a good light.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the only time we’ll know for sure is when they decide to tell us. Most likely via an IG notes app statement.

We’ll keep you updated.