Dissecting All The Internet Goss That’s Been Buzzing About Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner For Months

I’d be lying if I said the news about Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner‘s alleged split didn’t shock me. But it turns out that there have actually been a bunch of signs, hints, and whispers over the last few months – and even years – that have pointed to trouble in paradise. So, let’s have a look at all the internet goss that has been buzzing about the young couple leading people to believe that they are headed to splitzville.

Just for context, these little tidbits of hearsay are called “blind items”.

They’re anonymous gossip stories that are reported with just enough detail so you can guess who the people involved are without straight up identifying them directly. More often than not, you can find a bunch of blind items about any celebrity if you look hard enough in the right places. However, it’s important to note that these claims are not verified so please take them with a generous grain of salt. But I will say that in my experience, quite a few turn out to be true.

So, here are the all the rumours and blind items we could find about Sophie and Joe’s four-year relationship.

(Image Source: Getty Images / Lionel Hahn)

Cheating rumours

Sophie and Joe were first rumoured to be dating in 2016, and of course, the blind item whispers kicked off shortly after. One report from 2017 claimed that Joe was pretty pissed that Sophie hard launched their relationship on social media.

The iconic Beyond The Blinds podcast, which explores and compiles blind items, has an entire episode about Joe which dropped in May of last year.

In a podcast episode titled “Burning Up With Joe Jonas,” they explored a series of tips from throughout the years that point to cheating rumours.

(Again – grain of salt – okay cool)

Personally, I believe that most celebrities have some form of open relationship behind closed doors. If I were a hot celebrity surrounded by other hot celebrities you better believe I’d be down to clown with all my other hot celebrity friends. But who really knows for sure?

Their wedding rings

Now we’re getting to the more recent tea.

Following TMZ‘s reports that the young parents’ relationship had been on the rocks for six months, Page Six claimed that Joe hasn’t been seen wearing his wedding band since August 25, and recently, Sophie was papped by a friend not wearing hers either.

While it’s super easy to forget to pop your ring on, celebrities know what they’re doing. And to both forget a the same time? For multiple occasions? You’ve got to admit it feels fishy!

BUT THEN, yesterday during a gig in Austin, Texas, Joe was seen to be wearing his wedding ring. He also posted a pic of him and his brothers Kevin and Nick Jonas in grid post on IG where he can be seen wearing his ring too.

Either he’s trying to throw us off the scent or we’ve just got too much time on our hands.

The house

In 2021, Joe and Sophie purchased a gorgeous mansion in Miami for them and their two young daughters. Reportedly, it set them back a neat $17 million AUD. Shortly after in 2022, they decided to put it back on the market for $26 million AUD. However, they didn’t get the asking price and ended up selling it for $23 million AUD.

Of course, once the rumours of an impending break-up began surfacing, fans started to speculate that the quick sale under the asking price was a sign that their marriage was on the rocks all along.

What a whirlwind, hey?

I guess we’ll just have to wait until the couple inevitably drop a notes-app IG post before we know anything for sure. Until then, happy speculating!

(Image Source: Getty Images / Lionel Hahn)