Turns Out Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas Broke Up Before They Made It Down The Aisle

Just in case you were suspicious that Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas‘ relationship was almost too good to be true, Sophie’s revealed that the power couple once split up for a moment before eventually getting hitched in a last-minute Las Vegas wedding after the Billboard Awards this year.

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As reported by Refinery 29, Sophie Turner explained in a recent interview that she and one-third of the Jonas Brothers broke it off after copping cold feet before they tied the knot – and it was the worst 24 hours they’d ever had.

It was the worst day of our lives,” she said in the interview. “For a second we both had cold feet, and then 24 hours later, we were both like, ‘Never mind.’

I feel like if these two broke up, it’d be more of a heartbreak for us than the whole of the final season of Game Of Thrones. It’d be more devastating than the knowledge that Jon Snow didn’t pat his direwolf goodbye. IT JUST CAN’T HAPPEN, OR I WILL BE A MESS.

They’re a team, you know? Like Joe has helped Sophie improve her mental health and the need to go and see a therapist to process how social media can truly fuck with you, no matter who you are.

Thank the seven gods that Joe and Sophie called it quits on calling it quits after a mere 24-hours. Because otherwise we wouldn’t be living in a world where the pair wouldn’t have gotten married using ring pops, and Diplo wouldn’t have been there in an encrusted cowboy suit to live stream it all to us plebs.

We wouldn’t have their perfect couple costumes to sustain our happiness in dark times, or the fact that their relationship gives us single pringles a slight glimmer of hope that somewhere out there is the perfect person who complements our own personal brand of Deeply Fucking Weird.

Cheers for not giving up, now please continue to give us all life when you pull together that big fancy wedding in France.