Insider Spills What Joe Jonas Heard Sophie Turner Say On Their Home Camera That Caused The Split

The hullabaloo surrounding the divorce of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner has just gotten louder ‘cos an inside source has shared what Joe overheard on the home security footage that led to their divorce.

In case you’re not up to date with the latest celebrity relationship gossip, Joe and Sophie officially called it quits in early September via a joint Instagram statement. The pair revealed that after “four wonderful years” they’ve decided on an “amicable” end of their marriage.

But of course, with any celeb relationship, shit got messy when inside sources went to the media with wild claims of the alleged reason behind Joe and Sophie’s divorce.

One of the major rumours alleged that Joe had gone Harriet the Spy on Sophie and watched her say something bad about him through their home security camera. This footage allegedly prompted the divorce between the celebs.

Ever since the home camera rumour surfaced, many punters have been itching to find out what the Game of Thrones actress had said that led to the demise of her relo with the Jonas Brothers member.

Well, a new source has now revealed to US Weekly that Sophie said some “not-so-nice” things about Joe to a friend.

“It wasn’t anything more than that,” the source said.

“But that was the final straw.”

Ummm, honestly, I thought it would’ve been something more major, like her talking about how Kevin Jonas has always been the superior brother or her singing along to a Taylor Swift song.

Regardless, if this alleged rumour is legit, it still shows how much of a walking red flag Joe is.

In early September, another inside source told TMZ that Joe had footage of Sophie that made him walk away from their marriage.

“Joe had access to a ring cam that he said captured Sophie saying and/or doing something that made him realise the marriage was over,” the publication wrote.

Things took a sour turn in the couple’s “amicable” split last week when Sophie sued Joe for the alleged wrongful retention of their two children. It was also alleged that Sophie found out about the divorce via the media.

In a lengthy statement to PEOPLE, Joe denied any accusations made by Sophie, saying the couple worked towards an “amicable co-parenting setup”.

“This is an unfortunate legal disagreement about a marriage that is sadly ending. When language like ‘abduction’ is used, it is misleading at best, and a serious abuse of the legal system at worst. The children were not abducted,” the statement reads.

“After being in Joe’s care for the past three months at the agreement of both parties, the children are currently with their mother. Sophie is making this claim only to move the divorce proceedings to the UK and to remove the children from the U.S. permanently.”

Sophie has yet to publicly comment on her relationship status with the singer.

Joe — on the other hand — has made subtle hints and shared indirect messages to fans through small speeches on the Jonas Brothers tour.

Image source: Getty Images / Pascal Le Segretain