MAFS’ Jackson Confirms His Hinge Profile Is Real But Not Active So Just Wait Til Olivia Hears

Olivia Frazer and Jackson Lonie

Jackson Lonie from season 9 of Married at First Sight has been spotted on the dating app Hinge and we can confirm — it’s legit (kind of).

Earlier in the week, an anonymous source reached out to So Dramatic! and shared screenies of Jackson’s smokin’ Hinge profile.

Daily Mail Australia then asked Jackson to confirm whether the profile was real since the profile was listed under the name Jack.

According to the man himself, ’tis indeed legit. Fuck yeah!

However, he hasn’t touched it for an entire year. Shit no…

After a quick skim, the profile appeared to tick all the boxes and gave online sleuths some major validation before it was officially confirmed to be real.

It stated Jackson was a plumber, was 6 foot 3 inches (in height) and was a regular Jamie Oliver in the kitchen.

Jackson had made no secret of these attributes on the show, especially his love of cooking.

During his final date with teacher-in-training and the reincarnation of Miss Trunchbull, Olivia Frazer — Jackson prepared dinner while Olivia sat in a bubble bath and shut the fuck up for a glorious five minutes.

The Hinge profile backed this up by stating he “Loves to cook! And I’m pretty good at it too”.

The height and plumbing occupation listed on the Hinge profile also stacked up.

One of MAFS‘ most cooked/memorable scenes from this year was Olivia absolutely losing her marbles when his royal buffness plus one’d her to the gym.

The account couldn’t have leaked at a spicier time. The reunion trailer for this season has sent MAFS fans into an absolute tizzy.

PEDESTRIAN.TV also copped oodles of piping hot tea this past week regarding the final episodes.

You can drink up the full tea spill here.

The MAFS reunion will air over two nights on Sunday April 3 at 7pm and Monday April 4 at 7:30pm on Nine.

It’s fair to say we shall be prepping the popcorn and practising picking our jaws off the floor in anticipation.