Pls Enjoy Olivia Getting Called TF Out On Radio After Giving A Shit Excuse About The Pic Drama

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Olivia Frazer has copped a ton of backlash from viewers for leaking a nude photo of Domenica Calarco following last night’s episode of MAFS,

This morning, in a shitty attempt to seek redemption, she appeared on Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa where she dug herself an even deeper hole.

When asked  if she learned a “big  lesson” after watching the episode back, she replied: “Big time, absolutely.”

She went on to claim that she was “completely blindsided by the whole photo thing” and I’m sorry, what???

“So when Tamara mentioned [the nude photo] at the cocktail party, I was just like, ‘What?’ It was honestly like a drunken thing the night before we went to homestays, and the photo popped up on my phone. I was with a group of people.

“And like, I did the wrong thing. My judgment was very, very poor. And then I just never spoke or thought of it again. And then I arrive at the cocktail party and everybody’s talking about the photo.”

She claimed that the photo “was never meant to see the light of day.”

I mean, I appreciate her copping to the fact that it was a shit thing to do. But her story’s not adding up.

Fitzy then called her on the fact that she insinuated to the other MAFS brides that she was the one who found the pic herself.

She responded: “I said something like, ‘If somebody smashes a glass in your face, you Google them’. But I don’t why I said that. But um, yeah, it doesn’t matter. Look, the photo came up and I don’t know.”

And here’s where it gets really fucking cooked. When asked if she regretted circulating the photo, she responded: “I regretted it at the time. I definitely didn’t say what was wrong with it until recently, because I just thought, like, it’s on the internet. It was advertised on several platforms. I didn’t think it was some salacious secret.”

She’s also under the impression that what she did was not revenge porn. The jury’s still out on whether or not that counts as revenge porn, but it’s definitely still a shit thing to do.

“I definitely didn’t think that it was some sort of revenge or leverage that I had over Dominica,” she added. “I literally just thought like, ‘Oh, good on her making some extra cash! Like, that’s fantastic.”

What. The. FUCK!

Props to Fitzy here because he immediately called her on the pile of bullshit she spewed out.

“No, no. Can I hold you up there?” Fitzy interjected. “Because last night you did say that Jack her partner was getting very irate with this. And I mean, there were comments that you were saying about her and her OnlyFans account like this one last night that got people riled up.

“‘She did it to herself, she dug that hole herself.’ And then you made everyone aware of it and it just blew up. I mean, you must have known in the back of your mind that it was just going to escalate. It was a bit of leverage.”

Olivia responded: “That wasn’t in regards to the OnlyFans stuff, no.”

“So that was an edit?” Fitzy said.

“Oh, look, I wasn’t… I definitely said that. But in the moment I wasn’t talking about OnlyFans stuff I was talking about things that will come out soon.”

There’s MORE things to come out? Good lord. Buckle up, mates.

MAFS continues on Sunday night at 7:30pm on Nine.