This BTS Vid Of The MAFS Cast Has Us Fully Convinced That Ella & Brent Are Bumping Uglies

brent and ella mafs video

Married At First Sight season is nearly over. Like a heavily perfumed heterosexual flower that only blooms for three months of the year, after next week it will no longer be garnishing our TVs. But there is still tea to be spilled. Ella and Brent tea, in fact.

We can say a rare thank you to Fitzy and Wippa for this one. For their Nova radio show they held a MAFS dinner party. Fkn jealous.

Highlights included Al doing a shoey as he does at every opportunity. Matt also regaled the table with a story about drunkenly pissing on Ella and Mitch‘s bed. Further proof that MAFS is one big frat party.

There was also a rap battle, of which I will speak no more.

But the spiciest bit of the whole affair was definitely the buckwild sexual chemistry between Brent and Brent. Now if you’ve missed it, there has been a rumour or two about Brent and Ella.

Back in Feb, Brent and Ella were papped hanging out at the beach on Valentine’s Day. But Brent denied any claims that they were dating and said they were “just good friends”.

Plus he said Dom had been at the beach with them. A ménage à trois? How European! Then Brent’s experiment wife Tamara claimed that the pics of Brent and Ella were from a “set-up photoshoot”.

But babes, you can’t set-up bonafide sexual tension, whether it’s acted upon or not.

During the Fitzy & Wippa MAFS dinner party the question was asked: what’s going on with Ella and Brent?

First and foremost Ella looked bloody stunning. Can we have a little commotion for the dress?

“The question is would you guys ever hook up,” Fitzy asked.

Ella and Brent then proceeded to make intense eye contact with one another. Hmmmm. Something’s tingling within me and I am literally a whole lesbian. My heterosexual radar is beep boop booping.

“Hey babe,” Brent said to Ella.

“Hey babe,” she replied. I ship it I can’t lie.

“We were focusing on our relationships only but I will say something now,” Brent continued, promising us all spice.

“If there’s any woman in the world that you would want as your partner, you’d want Ella.”

Dom’s face captured my feelings about this moment perfectly.

same bestie

Ella said that the pair didn’t get to know each other super deeply during the experiment.

“We were there just focusing on our partners,” she said.

Brent’s face during all of this is super telling IMO. He is looking at Ella with whatever the horny version of heart eyes is. I never usually root for men but honestly I can see Ella and Brent as a good match!

Cast them in Bridgerton season three and let’s see what happens.