Comedy Queen & Cool Mum Amy Poehler Is Heading Down Under For A Special Vivid Sydney Event

Award-winning actor, comedian and cool mum Amy Poehler is coming to Australia to spill a bunch of tea about Disney and Pixar’s Inside Out 2 at Vivid Sydney. Consider me ~sat~ for this exciting chat!

I don’t know about y’all, but this year’s Vivid Sydney is looking to be one of the best in history. So far we’ve got a stacked lineup of performances from talent across the globe including western Sydney’s Zion Garcia, Barkaa, Australia’s Thelma Plum and Tumblr IT Girl, Sky Ferreira.

In addition to that sensational list of performers is an exclusive Vivid Sydney Vivid Ideas event which includes a special appearance from Amy Poehler.

The Vivid Ideas event — which has been titled “In Conversation with Amy Poehler” — will take place at the Sydney Opera House on Monday 27 May.

During this chat, the audience can expect to indulge in a first look at Disney and Pixar’s highly-anticipated animated film Inside Out 2, where Poehler voices the loveable character named Joy.

For folks who aren’t too familiar with what Inside Out is all about, the plot follows a teen named Riley (Kaitlyn Dias) who’s going through a lot of life experiences and how her emotions — Joy, Anger (Lewis Black), Fear (Bill Hader), Disgust (Mindy Kaling) and Sadness (Phyllis Smith) — help her navigate these troubling times.

What makes this even more exciting is that Disney and Pixar fans who attend the night will be copping “an exclusive 30-minute look of select scenes” from the sequel.

The beloved comedian said she’s “really looking forward” to heading Down Under for Vivid Ideas, and has expressed that she can’t wait to spill juicy deets about Inside Out 2.

“I’m really looking forward to taking part in Vivid Sydney this year, a place that welcomes Joy in every way,” the Parks and Recreation star said.

“I can’t wait to share a little of Inside Out 2: a movie that lets Joy and Sadness, Anxiety and Envy—all try to work together in hilarious and touching ways.”

Guess you can say, she’s giving us the 411!

Gill Minervini, Vivid Sydney’s Festival Director, shared that Poehler’s upcoming Disney movie ties in perfectly with the festival’s theme, which is Humanity.

“Amy Poehler is comedy royalty and the perfect person to join us as part of Vivid Ideas for this year’s Vivid Sydney. We’re so proud to add her to the growing list of guests set to captivate visitors throughout 23 nights of the festival,” Minervini said.

“Amy’s new film Inside Out 2 ties in perfectly with the theme of this year’s festival, Humanity, with an accessible take on how the human mind makes decisions and processes emotions.

“Allowing audiences to have an insight into how one of the world’s great writers and performers operates is sure to be a great thrill.”

If you’re keen to see Poehler, as well as cop a sneak peek of Inside Out 2, we’ve wrangled up some important info!

When is Amy Poehler coming to Sydney?

In Conversation with Amy Poehler will take place at the Joan Sutherland Theatre in the Sydney Opera House on Monday, 27 May from 7pm.

Following the Vivid Ideas event, viewers will be able to see a glimpse of Inside Out 2 via a projection that will light up the Customs House at Circular Quay.

The projection — which will only happen once, so be there or be square — will run for 30 minutes.

Where can I get tickets for In Conversation with Amy Poehler?

Tickets are available at the Vivid Sydney website and prices range from $49 to $129.

Alongside In Conversation with Amy Poehler, Vivid Sydney will be hosting a bunch of events such as A Thousand Ways, which is an interactive experience, The Golden Age Of Humanity film series and an immersive dance and art installation by Restless Dance Theatre titled Shifting Perspectives.

Last year, Vivid Ideas hosted White Lotus icons, Jennifer Coolidge and Mark White.

The Vivid Sydney festival will be lighting up the city from Friday 24 May and will run up until Saturday 15 June.

Image source: Getty Images / Anna Webber for Netflix