The Parks & Rec Girlies Reunited To Bless Us With Their Traditional Galentine’s Day Selfie

galentine's day selfie 2023 parks and rec

The ultimate mid-February reunion has happened, people. A few of the Parks And Recreation chicks have gathered for a catch-up for the unofficial holiday they created some 13 years ago — Galentine’s Day.

Amy PoehlerRashida JonesKathryn Hahn and Aubrey Plaza posted a sweet selfie together on Instagram to celebrate the annual day purely for the girlies.

The energy coming out of this post knows no limit. My cup overfloweth with toasty warm fuzzies knowing that the Parks And Rec gals take time out of their lives to spend with each other. I wish Retta was there to celebrate with them but I’m sure she’s treating herself in her own way this year.

I can only assume these four would be upholding the Galentine’s Day traditions of not thinking about their husbands/boyfriends/partners and instead focusing on the gals over a waffles and cocktails brunch. Maybe Poehler asked everyone weirdly intimate questions to secretly re-rank everyone based on friendship compatibility — because who knows, maybe the ranking has changed over the years.

Did someone bring party bags filled with hand-crocheted flower pens, mosaic portraits made from crushed bottles of everyone’s favourite drinks and a personalised 5000-word essay of why everyone is so awesome? I simply need to know.

It’s not the first time the Parks And Rec women have caught up for the annual Leslie Knope’s Galentine’s Day event. They also posted up selfies together in 2018 and 2020, proving that they’re in the holy tradition for the long haul.

So let this traditional Galentine’s reunion fuel your day with the purest energy. Write that love letter to your friends. Have that midday mimosa. Make some truly horrific art to honour your best gals. Abandon all your well-intentioned meal plans and only eat waffles with piles and piles of cream.

The holy chicks day is the best and should be a national — if not global — holiday. Give us all the day off to spend time screeching with the girlies!