The ‘Parks & Rec’ Women Reunited To Celebrate The Holy Galentine’s Day

While it’s extremely February 14th here in Australia, over in the grand old USA it remains February 13th for the moment. Which means while lovestruck Aussies are pitching woo for Valentine’s Day, it’s still one of the most important days of the year in the states: Galentine’s Day.

The day created by Pawnee’s own Leslie Knope and held annually the day before Valentine’s has transcended beyond the dearly missed Parks & Recreation and become something of an annual event where women celebrate women. It’s a bit bloody special, it is.

It’s like Lilith Fair minus the angst.

Plus frittatas.

A good helping of the women of Parks & Rec marked the occasion by reuniting earlier today, no doubt to dump a metric tonne of whipped cream on a JJ’s waffle and listen to a lengthy and thorough presentation on local waterway conservation reform.

Amy PoehlerRashida JonesAubrey Plaza, and Kathryn Hahn were all apparently in the same room as each other a short while ago, with Plaza marking the occasion with a post on Instagram.

Honestly, even though we’re now a day late, I don’t think anyone would behoove you if you suddenly felt like making breakfast for dinner.

Only idiots eat anything that isn’t, after all.