Of Fkn Course Everyone Made Leslie Knope Jokes During Joe Biden’s Inauguration

Leslie Knope Joe Biden

Give the internet a chance to make a multitude of memes and they will race for the opportunity. So naturally, when Joe Biden was inaugurated as President of the United States this morning, fans of Parks and Recreation started to produce a batshit amount of Leslie Knope memes. But hey, it’s what she deserves.

So why Leslie Knope? Well, throughout the series Amy Poehler‘s character makes it no secret that she has a massive crush on the then Vice President of the United States.

Biden actually made an appearance in the 2015 series finale, but his most hilarious cameo was in 2012, when Leslie Knope is gifted with his presence as an engagement gift from her fiancé, Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott). You can catch the clip below, which will remind you why today would be such a big deal for the fictional character.

In fact, there were so many tweets about Parks and Recreation and Leslie Knope that the character name became a massively trending topic on Twitter. The power of memes knows no limits.

Let us all take a moment to revel in the sheer delight that would be Leslie Knope right now seeing Joe Biden become inaugurated as President of the United States. She’d be ecstatic!

No longer do we have an actor from Home Alone 2 as president of America, but now we have an actor from Parks and Rec. There’s no business like show business baybee.

Look I’m not going to say that Leslie Knope’s ideal man sounds perfect, but Leslie Knope’s ideal man sounds perfect.

Let us not forget the framed picture of Joe Biden that definitely made an appearance in the show, and wasn’t just a fever dream I had one night.

Honestly, despite Leslie Knope being OTT with her love of Biden, it truly is a lovely day in history, and I too am simply sobbing at the thought of it. I’m not in hysterics, but I’m crying gently, and on the inside.

We hope that everyone is having an extremely good day today, especially Leslie Knope. Perhaps it’s time to watch Parks and Recreation as a way to celebrate this momentous occasion.