Parks & Rec’s Creator Says Leslie Knope Would Be “100%” In Hillary’s Corner

I mean, you can file this one in the clear “OBVIOUSLY” pile, but any speculative news about what the residents of Pawnee, Indiana have been up to since cameras stopped rolling is good speculative news.

It’s been far too long already since ‘Parks & Recreation‘ left our screens, which is a damned shame, particularly given the current US political climate.
Call it a hunch, but we feel fairly strongly that Leslie Knope would have at least one or two things to say about who her preferred Presidential candidate would be.
More to that, Knope probably wouldn’t have been sitting on her hands during this election campaign, which is still in-canon for the show given that time-jump between seasons six and seven (adjusts glasses).
Parks & Rec‘s creator Michael Schur spoke with The AV Club and confirmed that which we all already knew to be true in our Paunch Burger-soaked hearts: Leslie Knope would have been stoked as shit to have Hillary as a US Presidential nominee.
Schur stated that Leslie would have “would’ve cried for days and days and days and been so happy” following Clinton’s official nomination at the Democratic National Convention (a thing we dare say Knope would have somehow managed to get in to as part of the Indiana delegation).

“She also would’ve pressed really hard to move the platform to the left, I imagine. She would be out campaigning like a mofo. She would be 100 percent supportive—and I think that would’ve been true of a number of potential candidates for that position, but Hillary most of all.”

“She has a daughter in the future, she would want to point to the TV and say, ‘Look, you can be the president.’”

And while it would’ve been bittersweet for Leslie to see her number one all-time political crush, the Granddaddy AF Vice President Joe Biden leave the White House, at the very least we can all be thankful that Biden didn’t ultimately choose to run against Hillary and turn the Democratic nomination race into Biden vs Clinton, as Schur explained:

“Hillary v. Biden would’ve been a walking nightmare for Leslie.”

God damn I miss Parks & Rec.
Source: The AV Club.