Right-Winger Totally Overthinks ‘Parks & Rec’, Calls Leslie Knope ‘Fascist’

Look, even the super-right-wingers of this planet need to take a break from hardcore hatin’ the Feds. When they do, in an almost touching way, they feel compelled to dip into those sweet, sweet pop-cultural metaphors too. They’re just like us!

Except when they do, they call Leslie Knope a fascist.

In the interests of balance and objectivity, let’s quickly assess the reasons why David Harsanyi, editor of U.S-based publication The Federalist, decided to drop that comparison in his latest anti-Obama column. His hot take is a wildly entertaining reinterpretation of Knope’s otherwise indisputable heart of gold:

“In case you missed the show’s seven-year run, it’s about a fascistic, small-town councilwoman who believes it’s a politician’s job to impose her notions of morality, safety, and decency on everyone, no matter what voters want or what the system dictates.”

Well, there was that one time she straight-up said, if given the opportunity, she’d rule her people with an iron fist:
The whole show is a tug-of-war between her desire to be everything to everyone in Pawnee, compared to ol’ mate Ron Swanson’s small-government vibe. Remember, she’s contrasted against a dude who says “capitalism is God’s way of determining who is rich, and who is poor,” and anyone would look like a cold-hearted authoritarian next to this bloke:

Harsanyi reckons the show – which he even admits is pretty damn likeable – glorifies “ideas like “public service” — a preposterous term that treats politics as if it were a sacrifice without pay, power, or prestige.” He may have a point, as she relies on “the most valuable currency in America – A blind, stubborn belief that what I’m doing is 100% right.”

Arguments to counter his assertion are to be found in Series 1 – 7, but we’re pretty chuffed with this one:

Lumping her in the same boat as the Mussolinis of the world? Really? Maybe next time, bud.

Source: The A.V Club.
Photo: NBC.