Amy Poehler Says She’s Keen To Bring Back Parks And Recreation AKA The Only Acceptable Reboot

Amy Poehler’s said she’s keen for a reboot of Parks and Recreation, so we’re officially taking back our beef with reboots. Yeah, they’re largely shit but a Parks and Rec reboot is exactly what I need right now.

Poehler was interviewed by PEOPLE at the premiere of Russian Doll season two. She co-created Russian Doll with its lead actress Natash Lyonne and Leslye Headland.

PEOPLE asked if she’d ever be keen to reprise her iconic role as Leslie Knope.

“Anytime anybody gives me the word and I’m down,” she said.

You hear that people? God knows there are enough streaming services out there to make this happen.

politely requesting a reboot

I need Donna Meagle (Retta) back on my screen. If there’s ever a year to treat yo self, it’s 2022.

Amy Poehler also said she was “always standing by” for a reboot of the show.

Look, there should at least be a Parks and Recreation spinoff centred on John-Ralphio (Ben Schwartz) and Mona-Lisa Saperstein (Jenny Slate). No need for Chris Pratt thanks.

But a show of pure Saperstein sibling “don’t be suspicious” chaos energy would be miraculous.

I mean, it even became a TikTok meme! If there’s any proof that the cultural zeitgeist is ready for a John-Ralphio and Mona-Lisa saturn return, it’s that.

According to Poehler, she showed her kiddos the entire show during lockdown. Big fucking mood indeed. Celebrities, they’re just like us!

They also watched The Office. Relatable to anyone who has ever opened up a dating app and been confronted with a “we won’t vibe unless you like The Office” prompt.

Parks and Recreation did have mini reboot in the form of a lockdown reunion back in 2020. A load of the main cast returned for a special episode filmed over a Zoom-style meeting.

So look, if Sex and the City can get two whole seasons of a reboot surely we can have a teensy weensy Parks and Recreation spinoff?