Watch Amy Poehler Talk Award Shows & Sausage-Eating Snakes In Sydney

Highlight of our week/lives/entire bloodline’s existence came a few days ago, when the poetic and noble land mermaid that is Amy Poehler came into our [physical] lives. Sorry, people. It’s all downhill from here.

On dominating award shows—and suggesting a new genre of them, where getting a gong is done in a Hunger Games-esque physical foot race—, the gift and honour of staring in Pixar’s latest and critically-acclaimed film ‘Inside Out’, on who she would FMK (or, hug, hug and hug) out of Mr Potato Head, Woody and the old dude from ‘Up‘, Amy Poehler was, obviously, a pure and unadulterated delight. 
And, stop ourselves we most certainly could not – when we offered unto Amy what arguably is our nation’s peak moment.
Watch below. 
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