Your Parents Amy Poehler And Nick Offerman Reunite For ‘Parks & Rec’ Anniversary

Your TV mom and dad, Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman have reunited on the 10 year anniversary of Parks And Recreation (Parks & Rec) to thank y’all for tuning in all these years and I think I speak for all of us when I say they’re bloody welcome.

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The pair look as purdy as ever as they stand together looking just a little older and uglier.

“Citizens of Pawnee, thank you for spending ten years of your lives with us. Sharing your laughter, your tears and even your waffles,” Poehler (the IRL Leslie Knope) says.

“We love you, and we can’t thank you enough for your support,” Offerman (Ron Swanson) concludes.

The entire cast recently reunited at PaleyFest where they were probed about a potential revival and their responses kinda provided a beacon of hope for a potential comeback.

When asked by Variety if she’s about to announce a revival, Poehler responded, “No, we’re not. Mike Schur is currently working on about five shows but whenever he’s ready, I’ll put my suit on, for sure.”

She adds that she’d lurve to see how Leslie would deal with the Trump Administration.

“I feel like Leslie is, dare I say it, like a public servant Spider-Man,” she said. “It’s like, help us Spider-Man, where are you?”

And as for Offerman, he said that if there is a reunion in the works, he certainly hasn’t been informed about it yet.

“If there is an announcement, no one has informed me of it, which doesn’t mean there isn’t an announcement,” he joked. “I’m not known for being trustworthy with secrets but I hope there’s good news.”

When asked if he’d be down to revisit his character, he responded, “Oh yeah! Mike Schur wrapped it up because he loved the story that he told from start to finish.”

Offerman adds, “He’d have to come up with a pretty original new idea for him to wanna do it again and if he did, I think we’d all come running.”

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