Here’s How Amy Poehler Spent Her First Day In Australia

Does the air suddenly feel fresher? Is there a lightness in your step that you can’t adequately explain? It may be because Amy Poehler has just touched down in the country, bringing an over-supply of positivity and good vibes with her. 
Poehler is in Sydney right now, preparing to walk the red carpet at the premiere of Pixar’s Inside Out this very evening, and because we can’t actually roll with her entourage, we’re doing the next sanest thing and stalking her online.
The Parks And Rec star flew into town yesterday, and though it’s pretty bloody obvious who she is in the below picture, reports indicate that Sydney paparazzi didn’t recognise her thanks to her new red hair, and mostly hassled the blonde lady behind her instead.

Our congratulations to Poehler for having her general sartorial situation far more together than we ever do after such a long flight:

Later that day, Poehler hit up a yoga class, then posed adorably for a fan’s sefie. We are figuratively literally screaming:
Inside Out is Pixar’s first film since Monsters University in 2013, and first wholly original film since Brave in 2012. It tells the story of a young girl’s emotions, and Poehler, of course, plays Joy.
Disney recently posted a new clip of the film online:
Where will #PoehlerWatch2015 take us next? We’ll watch out for any and all Poehler sightings and report back.

Photo: Alberto E Rodriguez via Getty Images