WATCH: Pixar Reveals All The Hidden Links Between Their Movies In New Vid

The Pixar films are connected. 

This is an inarguable fact, as that weirdly popular Pizza Planet car, dozens of other easter eggs, and prolific, uncanny voice-acting of John Ratzenberger demonstrate. Shut up, no you are the nerd.
Just how connected the films are has been a topic of great debate here on the internet, with a bunch of theories floating around about how every film since ‘Toy Story’ tells a different part of a broader, scarier tale of the robot/animal/toy apocalypse.
But whether the easter eggs are just a bit of fun or Something Else Entirely, a new vid from Pixar demonstrates that there a bloody shitload of them. Enough to show a unique connection between every goddamn film, by the looks of it.
We see everything in the vid, from a patchwork of the ‘Brave’ family appearing in ‘Cars,’ to Doug the good dog from ‘Up‘ chasing the filthy rat from ‘Ratatouille,‘ to a memory in ‘Inside Out’ of a dinosaur from that film no one saw, ‘The Good Dinosaur’
And while it’s honestly just a fun bit of trivia, I am taking the video as absolute confirmation that the films tell one single, allegorical story and we’re all going to end up as those sedentary humans from ‘WALL-E’. Give it a squiz below and decide for yourself.

Photo: Pixar.