Bo Peep This: ‘Toy Story 4’ Has Copped A 100% Rating On Rotten Tomatoes

Toy Story 4

There are but a few days left before Toy Story 4 flies into cinemas around the country and despite some… scepticism about a fourth film, the blue ticks of the ~ critic ~ world are big fans, HUGE.

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Directed by Josh Cooley, Toy Story 4 sees the return of our favourite characters as they embark on another adventure… with a new friend named Forky. 

At the time of writing, the animated flick is certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes which means it’s currently sitting on a 100 per cent rating based off of 80 critic reviews.

The gist? Critics were a tad unsure about Tory Story 4 considering how nicely things wrapped up in Toy Story 3. Not to mention, there aren’t too many cases out there where No. 4 does well for franchises. But, be it the magic of Tom Hank‘s voice, the power of nostalgia, or the brilliant minds at Pixar, the blue ticks have declared Toy Story 4 another big winner.

And, everyone loves Forky.

The Hollywood Reporter

Its bottom line: “Still batting a thousand.” 

This is just a little snippet from THR‘s review but it does the job.

Any fears that the further Disneyfication of Pixar would result in the diminution of the latter’s foundational franchise are put to rest at once in Toy Story 4, an entirely wonderful continuation of the series that 24 years ago launched an era in the annals of animation.

Also, this is simply lovely to read: “As Woody, Hanks still sounds as youthful and energetic as he did a quarter century ago, and he plays a significant part in making the revisiting of this franchise all these years later such a pleasure.”


Straight up, Variety says Toy Story 4 offers a “satisfying emotional closure to Pixar’s popular ‘Toy Story’ franchise.” 

I repeat: “satisfying emotional closure.” 

The review continues:

This is no cash-grab continuation, however, but an organic and intuitive new chapter that enriches our understanding of the characters, offering a different and more satisfying kind of closure for their collective journeys.


Okay, so Vulture’s review is a little spoiler-y so proceed with caution if you head on over.

Key points: “Toy Story 4 is messy but in the best possible way.”

And, according to Vulture, the sobbing comes in layers.

There’s one emotional climax for those viewers who are new to the series, another for those who have only vague memories of the previous films, and yet another for those who’ve totally grown up on these pictures.



Collider rated the movie A-.

Toy Story 4 is an unexpected delight, and while other Pixar sequels have ranged from awful (Cars 2) to solid (Finding Dory) to above average (Incredibles 2), Toy Story 4 is the best Pixar sequel since Toy Story 2.

They added: “Toy Story 4 is easily one of the funniest movies Pixar has ever made in addition to the requisite tear-jerking.” 

Vanity Fair

Without spoiling too much of the crux, Vanity Fair gave props to the baddies in the film who “are also marvellously unnerving” and added that there are a whole heap of “clever touches” in the film.

I trust that devotees of the past films will be content with this latest (and I think really, actually final) evolution.

Toy Story 4 hits Aussie cinemas June 20.