Shannon Noll Has Joined An E-Sports Team Because This Timeline Is Beyond Repair

In retrospect, we already knew Shannon Noll is a gamer. The signs were all there: Noll loves to compete, even if he rocks up in second place. He’s a prominent figure online, whose career has been boosted by social media. 

The big man loves an energy drink.

And he is even on the record as an aficionado of old school SEGA consoles and their modern counterparts. 

But Noll’s gaming career became official today, thanks to Lenovo and PAX Australia.

Kotaku reports Nollsie has signed up to captain Lenovo’s celebrity Motley Squad, and will compete in a Legion of Champions Tournament held this November.

There are currently two Tournaments in the works, with competitors set to duke it out in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and the ol’ faithful, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The winners of those tourneys will rack up $1000 in prize money, plus qualification to an even bigger tournament in Thailand.

While it’s currently unclear which discipline Noll will compete in, he will be trained up by Aussie e-sports gun FaZe Hazz before smashing the ol’ WASD.

It is yet to be seen which other celebrities Motley Squad can wrangle, but someone ought to check on what Nikki Webster is up to after her stint on the Masked Singer.

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