PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Doritos for their new Japanese wasabi flavour.

Australian Idol was my absolute jam between the years of 2006 and 2006. That’s it, just the one year.

And although my interest in Oz Idol died quicker than Drew Barrymore in Scream, I’ve still taken notice of the musicians who continued to pump out bangers long after their stint on the reality show wrapped.

So, as a treat for your ears, I’m gifting you some undeniable tunes to get you through the hell you’re living.

1. Lee Harding – Wasabi

Speaking of Lee Harding‘s Wasabi (I wasn’t but my segue skills are pure trash), the ’00s rock god recently re-recorded his banger for a cheeky little Doritos comp.

In a nutshell, we’ll pick one person who uploads a vid of themselves smashing the new insanely spicy wasabi-flavoured Doritos chips every time Lee says ‘wasabi’, including the hashtag #doritoswasabichallenge, and we’ll hand that winner 10,000 dollarydoos.

Chuck the new music video above a watch for more deets.

2. Matt Corby – No Ordinary Life

I could go on about having self-respect and not lusting after a stranger, but that narrative is tired. Instead, my new best mate Liam Ramsey has summed it up perfectly:

3. Lisa Mitchell –  The Boys

Lisa Mitchell is a national treasure and I will get anyone arrested for saying otherwise. All I need is your address, about a kilo of a controlled substance and one phone call. Don’t test me.

I struggled to decide on one absolute bass-slapper from Lisa’s catalogue (they’re all fire) so I thought I’d settle for the tune that started the classic Boysing trend.

You’re most welcome.

4. Ngaiire – Once

Didn’t know Ngaiire was even on Australian Idol, did you? Admittedly, neither. The crafty gal hid that little tidbit quite well.

The soul and R&B singer has been gaining steady traction of late and there’s no doubt in my mind why – she has some absolute choons.

5. Shannon Noll – What About Me?

Gun to my head, I don’t much care for ol’ mate Nollsey. However, I figured that seeing as he’s having a bit of a cultural mo’ at the mo’, if I didn’t include him then you diehards out there would hunt me down and staple my scrotum to a stop sign.

6. Jessica Mauboy feat. Flo Rida – Running Back

Don’t lie – this was the song of 2009. It’s low-key dreadful in the best possible way and frankly, that pretty much sums up the entire noughties.

Image: Supplied