Turns Out Lindsay Will Return For ‘Masked Singer’ S2, So Now You Have To Watch it Again

Lindsay Lohan

Network 10 has torched reports claiming Lindsay Lohan was going to be replaced on The Masker Singer Australia season 2.

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The story goes that on Monday, New Idea published a yarn claiming – via sources – that Lindsay was to be replaced as one of the judges on the guessing panel. Which is dumb. I don’t know about you lot, but I only tuned into episode 1 to watch Lindsay, an American, bullshit her way through an Australian singing competition. It’s peak entertainment.

“She was tricky with demands and had a complete lack of respect for time schedules,” the source said. Blah, blah, blah, the story went bloody boonta.

But, speaking to news.com.au today, Channel 10’s chief content officer Beverley McGarvey binned the claims completely.

“Despite what you may have read, we will have exactly the same judging line-up and exactly the same host,” McGarvey said.

“We’re thrilled that they’re all coming back.”

McGarvey also revealed the team are already thinking about season 2 casting.

“I think that the ambition for us next year would be to cast it differently so that we were surprising people in different ways and that might be that some of them are more famous or some of them are from completely different industries.”

So far, the unmasked singers have been Gretel KilleenBrett LeeNikki Webster, Wendell Sailor, Darren McMullen, and Adam Brand.

On Monday, Lindsay’s co-judge Dave Hughes defended the actor and singer on The Hit Network’s Hughesy & Kate.

“Lindsay Lohan was an absolute pleasure to work with and will be on the second series,” he said.

And that’s that.

As for the actual show, we’re down to the final six – Monster, Spider, Unicorn, Wolf, Lion and Robot. I’m not entirely sure about the first four, but I’m 10/10 convinced the Lion is Kate Ceberano and the Robot is Cody “Prince Neptune” Simpson.

Watch The Masked Singer 7.30pm, Monday and Tuesday on Channel 10.