I know Lindsay Lohan has no fucking idea who any of the contestants are on The Masked Singer, but surely that’s not a reason to fire her, right? Right???? *looks nervously at Channel 10*

According to an anonymous source, Lindsay Lohan won’t be making a return to the cooked Aussie version of The Masked Singer for season 2.

“She’s being replaced,” a source told New Idea. “She was tricky with demands and had a complete lack of respect for time schedules.”

We’re talking about an *anonymous source* from New Idea, so this insight is being taken with a giant grain of salt. But surely Network 10 wouldn’t sack their greatest asset, right? Unless they’re planning on making her The Bachelorette and that’s why there’s scheduling clashes. Just a thought?

Kate Ceberano, who is OBVIOUSLY the Lion on this year’s season, is tipped to replace Linds for season 2. No hate to Kate, but I just don’t think she’s as entertaining as the kween of Lohan Beach Club.

In a recent interview with co-host Jackie O on the Kyle And Jackie O Show, Lindsay denied rumours that she’s difficult to work with, claiming that the reports have been stirred up by people looking for “negativity.”

“People want to find the negative for no reason. There was nothing negative about [filming The Masked Singer],” she said before being backed up by co-host Jackie O.

But Wendell Sailor (I told you Fev wasn’t the Rhino!) has contested this, claiming Lindsay’s diva attitude disrupted production on multiple occasions.

Lindsay has been a constant source of entertainment since before the show began. From posting a Dropbox link on Twitter instead of a promotional video, to trying to master the Aussie accent, Lindsay is entertaining as fuck. Why would anyone want to get rid of her? Being a drama queen is just show business, baby!

Channel 10 his yet to confirm whether we’ll even get a second season of this wild masked bullshit, so we’re not even close to finding out the potential judging panel.

Here’s hoping Channel 10 realise that we’re all just watching for Lindsay.