The Internet Reckons Brendan Fevola Is ’The Masked Singer’s Rhino, But I Call Bullshit

brendan fevola rhino

The Masked Singer has absolutely ravaged Australia since it’s debut on Monday, because we simply MUST know who is behind the mask. But it looks like we’ve copped our first spoiler already as Brendan Fevola had a massive slip up on his Fifi, Fev and Byron radio show.

Judge Dannii Minogue took a stab on Tuesday night and guessed at Brendan was the masked rhino, so obviously it was a talking point on the show.

Co-host Fifi Box grilled Fev on the guess, because like us, she is desperate to find out who the fuck is behind the mask. This stupid show has ruined my life. I simply must know who is behind the mask.

“I can’t say too much,” Brendan said. “I had so many people texting me, texting Alex and we couldn’t really write back because we’re under… secrecy.”

OOP. You’re only sworn to secrecy if you’re part of a show. I can freely speak of my participation in the show because I am not famous enough to be a part of it. But Fevola, who was an AFL player before his radio hosting gig, has been sworn to secrecy, which means he HAS to be a part of the show.

“You’re only under secrecy if it is you. So what are you trying to say?” Fifi Box questioned.

But now I’m confused. If you’ve ever found out *exclusive* info that you absolutely can’t tell, you always tell somebody. So I have a feeling that Fifi would know if Brendan was on the show, and wouldn’t hint at anything. She’d just leave the whole topic alone.

I’m not a terrible secret keeper, but just think of how many times you’ve been told something way too secret by someone who shouldn’t have known that information. Nobody, and I mean nobody, really keeps secrets.

With that being said, I am confident that Fev’s cohosts would know if he was in the show, and therefore would’ve been asked not to talk about it to protect his identity.

So what do we know about the rhino?

Song: Ezra‘s “Shotgun” (just quietly, it’s Fev’s favourite song)

We know that the rhino was a bit of a party animal back in the day, but has settled down recently. They have enjoyed a number of “top jobs” and were a former “rock star”. We also know the rhino took a break from the public eye before returning to the spotlight recently.

The rhino hasn’t confirmed they were a rugby player, but did tell us that their “greatest success was the year Sydney held the Olympic Games”, which was 2000.

With that being said, I have absolutely no idea who the rhino is, but it is absolutely NOT Brendan Fevola.

My colleague Steff recently took a stab at who she thinks is behind each mask , and she is convinced it’s Fev. But sorry Steff, you’re wrong.

All the signs point to Fev as the rhino, but my knowledge of secret keeping leads me to believe that Fifi Box would be smarter than that. This is a hill I am willing to die on.