12 Pairs Of Ugg Boots & Slippers That Are So Cosy They’re Like Puffer Jackets For Your Feets

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Over the last few months, we’ve noticed that celebrities and TikTok girlies are seemingly bringing uggs back into fashion. We didn’t pay much attention to the resurgence of the Y2k trend because wearing ugg boots during an Australian summer is a cardinal sin and not to mention sweaty AF. But now that the temperature is dropping, we’re ready for the blessed feet warmers.

Last year we definitely saw the humble slipper creeping into everyday wear, and then Bella Hadid was papped in New York wearing a pair of mini-platform uggs, and suddenly the Ugg mini platform became TikTok’s must-have shoe for winter, with the style selling out and searches for the shoe increasing by 152%.

TBH, we’re not mad about the trend circling back around, we’ll take comfy slippers over blisters from breaking in new leather boots any day of the week. So, we went hunting for the best ugg boots and slippers that you can wear out of the house if that’s what tickles you.

The Best Ugg Boots and Slippers to Shop in 2023

Ugg Classic Ultra Mini

Ugg Classic Ultra Mini, $229.99

Of course, we’re kicking things off with the pair Bella Hadid was wearing when she single-handedly revived the cosy trend. The comfy slip-ons are a reworked version of Ugg’s classic boot featuring a lower-cut ankle and a hefty two-inch outsole to stomp around on.

Oodie Coffee Snuggle Slippers

slippers ugg boots

Oodie Coffee Snuggle Slippers, $49

While we wouldn’t exactly recommend you wear these fluffy babies outside, they are perfect for sashaying around the house. Plus, Oodies cute slippers usually always have a matching Oodie, so you can really burrito yourself up in the goods during winter.

Birkenstock Boston Shearling – Unisex

slippers ugg boots

Birkenstock Boston Shearling – Unisex, $354

Another pair of shoes that are all over TikTok is Birkenstock’s Bostons. We’re taking them to the next level by recommending you get yourself a pair of shearling-lined ones for winter.

Hush Puppies Puffstar

Hush Puppies Puffstar, $79.95

These little slippys are like mini puffer jackets for your feets.

Rubi Perri Padded Mule

Rubi Perri Padded Mule, $39.99

Rubi’s Peri Paddle Mule is like if a pair of the puffer jacket-esque slippers and your favourite shealing pair had a wee baby. They’ve got a padded upper design and faux fur lining for sock-like comfort.

Ralph Lauren Polo Collins Slippers

slippers ugg boots

Ralph Lauren Polo Collins Slippers, $119.95

If you’re looking for a pair of slippers that the grandpa from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory would be proud of, this pair from Ralph Lauren are it.

Country Road Australian Made Cr Low Sheepskin Boot

slippers ugg boots

Country Road Australian Made Cr Low Sheepskin Boot, $179

You really can’t go wrong with a traditional pair of ugg boots. If you don’t wanna go full The Hills Y2k with a tan pair, you could always pick up a coloured pair like these ones from Country Road.

Hommey Claude Slippers

Hommey Claude Slippers, $199

Comfort can now stretch beyond the walls of your home with Hommey and  Alias Mae’s Claude slipper. Whether you’re going for a walk with your dog, popping to the corner store, or having a backyard BBQ, you can wear these babies pretty much anywhere.

Auswooli Sydney Sheepskin Wool Slippers

slippers ugg boots

Auswooli Sydney Sheepskin Wool Slippers, $79

Imagine sliding your tootsies into these Sheepskin Wool Slippers every morning?! Offt, talk about toasty.

Ugg Fluff Yeah Slides

Ugg Fluff Yeah Slides, $179.99

In our opinion, you can definitely wear these clouds out of the house. They look more like a fluffy pair of sandals than they do house slippers.

Emu Australia Platinum Mintaro

slippers ugg boots

Emu Australia Platinum Mintaro, $119.95

Holy! How snug do these baddies look? We’d like to burrito our feets up in these.