TikToker Goes Viral After She Accidentally Wore The Same Dress As The Bridesmaids At A Wedding

A TikToker has gone viral after she accidentally attended a wedding wearing the same gown as the bridesmaids. On the bright side, at least she wasn’t wearing white, right?

Weddings are definitely one of the most stressful things to prepare for. You’ve gotta figure out the gift, transportation and most importantly, the outfit.

Most of the weddings I’ve been to have luckily provided guests with a theme for clothing — such as a colour palette or a Pinterest mood board, which seems to be the in thing for nuptials nowadays — so that definitely makes things 100 per cent easier.

Unfortunately for this wedding guest, it seems like she dressed up too much for the occasion, as she ended up wearing the same gown as the bridal party.

Taylor Fogarty (@taylorfogartyy) shared the mortifying incident on her TikTok account, describing the wardrobe mixup as her “Roman Empire” — for folks who don’t know what that means, it’s like the Gen Z version of “lives in my mind rent-free”.

“My Roman Empire is the time I showed up to a wedding in the same dress as the bridesmaids,” she wrote in the video which has since garnered more than 3.5 million views.

“I’d have made you an extra bridesmaid within 20 seconds lol,” one person said.

“Yup I did that too. A hunter green silk dress…I was so embarrassed. Some of the people kept asking why I wasn’t sitting with the wedding party,” another TikToker commented.

“I will definitely be bringing an extra dress if I go to a wedding as a guest,” wrote a third.

Some folks also argued that they always go out of their way to find out what the bridal party is wearing to avoid this awkies situation.

Speaking to Kennedy News, the TikToker recalled the mortifying moment and said she apologised to the bride for her outfit choice.

“I immediately started going bright red and my stomach was in knots. I just got so uncomfortable I wanted to leave, I fully couldn’t enjoy myself,” Fogarty told Kennedy News.

“I didn’t talk to the bridesmaids, I approached the bride at the reception and apologised. I was so embarrassed I felt like I had to say something.”

She also added that the bride didn’t seem to mind too much about her outfit, however, she got the vibe that some women “felt some type of way” about her dress.

“An older man said something about it when I was getting food at the buffet. I just walked away dying inside,” she told the publication.

In a reply to a comment that accused the TikToker of buying the dress from a popular bridal boutique, Fogarty showed the full dress and explained how at the time she just thought it was a cute AF ‘fit.

“I mean it does kinda look like a bridesmaid’s dress but I dunno. I wasn’t thinking, I wasn’t using my brain,” she replied.

“But lesson learned. I will definitely be finding out the bridesmaid dress colour for future weddings that I go to.”

To be honest, I totally forgot that this wardrobe mishap is bloody possible! I’m pretty sure I’ve just messaged three friends about their bridesmaid dresses as I’m writing this story…

And while we’re on that topic of dresses, it’s so hard to tell what a bridesmaid dress is because everyone’s wedding is different. So, I totally understand where Fogarty was coming from when she said she bought the dress because it was pretty!

Hopefully, the bride and her can look back at the awkies situation and laugh.

If you think about it, it’s kind of a compliment to the bride, because you know she’s got great fashion sense if you’ve picked the same dress as her bridesmaids.

It’s truly a bittersweet story.

Image source: TikTok / @taylorfogartyy

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