A Wedding Photog Has Put A Bride On Blast For The Gross Item She Used As Confetti To Save $$$

Ah, weddings. Now, I’m deeply removed from the whole wedding schtick on account of having had zero eye contact with anyone for the last three years, but I’ve heard that they’re very expensive.

Understandably, it’s only natural for couples to find ways to save a quick buck. Often, these come in the form of DIY bouquets and centrepieces or conning your mates into decorating the whole venue for you in lieu of hiring a stylist or wedding planner (said as someone who has been the aforementioned mate).

But honestly, the best DIY wedding hack might have just been released — and I absolutely don’t recommend trying it.

A photographer has revealed that one of their brides had an absolutely unhinged and bizarre way to save cash — using dehydrated instant mashed potato flakes as confetti.

While at first glance that might sound a bit weird but an overall fine proposition, an important thing to note here is that when these mashed potato flakes are exposed to any moisture, they transform into mashed potato — something the couple clearly didn’t consider.

Because tell you what has moisture in it? Spilt drinks, sweat, and humidity, baby!

In a post shared to a popular wedding-shaming Facebook group, the photographer detailed the mayhem that unravelled.

“Funny story…. so a bride went cheap on her confetti exit, and they ordered boxes of ‘instant mashed potatoes’,” they said.

“Let’s just say, with sweat and spilled drinks from the night, they all ended up having mashed potatoes everywhere.

“Mashed potatoes on the ground, mashed potatoes in their hair, mashed potatoes inside their clothing.”

Absolute carnage.

The photographer regaling their potato-induced trauma, courtesy of Facebook.

Like, can you imagine tearing your bussy up on the dancefloor only to suddenly have mashed potato growing out of your pits? Your BITS?!

The photographer said that despite transforming into a gooey, delicious, potatoey mess, the party just kept going.

Wedding saving hack: save on catering and just have your guests eat potato from their hair…?

Oh, to be a fly on the wall at this wedding.