Enjoy This Viral TikTok Of A Mum Metaphorically Shitting On Her Daughter’s Wedding Dress Reveal

tiktok wedding dress

A viral TikTok of a mother supposedly ruining her daughter’s wedding dress reveal has racked up more than 18.1 million views but the more I watch it, the more pissed off I get.

And not for the reason you’d think.

“When you’ve been waiting six months to do a wedding dress reveal for your bridesmaids,” the video reads, “and your mother ruins it”.

The video by TikTok user @phaedrap shows her opening the door, all dolled up for the big day, when mum comes out of nowhere (the very same room) to walk in front of her.

At that moment, the video freezes in on mum, who had the audacity to be in the same shot with her. “Still not over this,” the caption reads. Watch it for yourself:


Still not over this 😂 #wedding2022 #bride2022 #weddingdress #weddingdressreveal #bride

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I haven’t been a bride, even though I hope shit on the sanctity of marriage by doing it three times (I’m joking). But surely that’s just mum trying to get out of the way? To be able to react with the bridesmaids?

Plenty of people think she was just trying to do one of these two things. Even if some people think that mum’s presumably pure intentions still ruined everything.

“She wanted to be in the room helping you but she also wanted the reveal experience with everyone else 😭 mom was trying her best,” one comment read.

Another said: “Aww she looks like she was rushing to remove herself from your spot. Unfortunately it’s one of those “good intentions don’t count” moments 😂😂”

But others were just downright shitty with this mum. And just mums in general. Honestly, the whole comments section became an area for bridezillas to vent about their weddings. And their mums:

  • “Completely oblivious about it being about YOU. I’m so sorry.”
  • “I’d be LIVID.”
  • “I would have such a bad attitude after this how do you keep calm.”
  • “Exclude all mothers and mother in laws from any behind the scenes moments. They ruin it more than the kids do. And they’re the adults.”

Do these people forget who wiped their ass?

Or are they just a little naive when it comes to the mechanics and manipulation of creating viral content?

Anyway, I’m getting the impression the whole thing was a stitch-up because the TikTok user followed up with the full video. Nothing was ruined. Proof:


Replying to @jess_m_l my #weddingdressreveal

♬ By Your Side – Sade

“Why are you letting you mom catch these bullets in the previous video comments? She didn’t ruin it,” one comment read.

@phaedrap responded: “Because people’s opinion on the internet don’t hurt me (or my mum) in real life?”

Fun fact: mum is Marisa Peer — bestselling author, speaker and therapist. She is the centre of many other TikTok videos where she is actually appreciated for her contributions.

The unedited reveal received close to 238,000 views, which is less than 2% traction of the viral video.

You can’t deny that using mum as bait really worked the trick here. Veils out for mum.

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