We’re Obsessed W/ This Bride Uninviting Wedding Guests For Being Slackers & Let This Be A Warning

A soon-to-be bride has caused quite a stir on social media after sending out a "missed RSVP" card to some of her wedding guests.

A soon-to-be bride has caused quite a stir on social media after sending out a “missed RSVP” card to some of her wedding guests. So what actually is a missed RSVP card? Let’s get stuck into the weeds of it.

Nishma Mistry, who is the admin of the Asian Bride Sorority TikTok account posted the original card earlier this week. Full disclosure, it wasn’t Mistry’s card, she is merely the purveyor of fine wedding gossip.

For context, the message on it read, “We’re sorry you can’t make it to our wedding. Our RSVP has passed and unfortunately you did not respond.

“We would have loved for you to attend but final numbers have now been turned in and your presence will be missed, Bride & Groom”.

It was met with fire and fury from users online who deemed it “passive-aggressive” and “tacky”.

One person said that instead of sending such a card, they’d rather “personally call all my guests who didn’t RSVP”.

Mistry then posted an update addressing the controversy.

“All of these (critical) opinions are totally valid,” she begins. “The bit that gets tricky is if you are planning a large wedding”.

“Culturally, with South Asian weddings, you end up having approximately 3-5 events across the span of a week. When you have so many events, you are dealing with close to 200-500 guests.”

She goes on to say that RSVPing in the South Asian community is “a bit of a new concept … People just forget to RSVP”.

Okay yep. Fair. Gotcha.

The update TikTok was met with a raft of less than helpful comments, dolling out some of the least thought-through advice on the internet.

“My bro has a wedding website where he has sent his invites on (through an email link) and other bits of info…,” said one person. Yeah nah, do you really reckon the 90-year-old grandmas are going to use that?

“People should RSVP when they are supposed to,” said another, who clearly didn’t watch the video.

Ugh. Makes you wanna not get married!!! The stress of it all!

I’m so single lmao.