Two Grannies Have The Internet Sobbing After They Were Flower Girls At Their Grandkids’ Wedding

When it comes to weddings, there’s no doubt that it is typically the bride’s special day for them to shine and get all the attention. However, here’s evidence that isn’t always the case. Footage from a wedding in South Australia has gone viral online causing two unsuspecting grannies accidentally steal the show.

Wedding photographer Joshua Huggett (@joshuahuggettmedia) went viral after he shared footage from a wedding that featured two flower grannies instead of the typical flower girl.

In footage that has been seen by millions of eyes (which all undoubtedly teared up) and chalked up more than 430K likes, the grandmothers of the bride and groom both walked down the aisle throwing flower petals at a wedding in South Australia’s Fleurieu Peninsula.

Image: Supplied.

It’s one of those cute and simple clips that combines the cuteness of old people doing things with the joy of weddings, to create the perfect viral internet video.

The lucky bride, Michaela Treloar, shared with the ABC how she and her partner both “wanted to include our grandmothers into our wedding somehow”, which resulted in the adorable moment.

“They took it on with pride, smashed it, and now they’ve gone viral,” exclaimed Treloar.

“It was really cute … each nonna was helping each other get to the end of the aisle, chatting all the way.”

Since it’s upload on February 19, the video has been viewed over 20 million times.

The man behind the camera who captured the event shared that he believes something about the video is relatable to everyone in some way, and that is the secret to its success.

“It hits that heart string straight away … it’s the perfect concoction of people saying they want to do that with their grandma, teamed with people saying they wish they could do that with their grandma now that they’d passed,” Joshua shared.

Image: Supplied.

Comments have flooded the video, stating how heartwarming the spin on the flower girl tradition was.

“I have goosebumps head to toe! The smiles on the grannies’ faces …. Priceless!!!!!!!” One user commented.

“Hope this trend catches on, it’s truly beautiful!”

However it wasn’t a guaranteed success.

Treloar recounted how due to her own grandmother being 95-years-old there were question marks around her involvement, especially given she needed to travel for over five hours to make it.

“A week before the wedding she gave Thomas and I our wedding gift and sadly said she couldn’t come to the wedding just because it was too hard for her physically,” the bride told the ABC.

This resulted in her soon-to-be husband’s grandmother feeling insecure about the prospect of being the only flower girl.

However all ended well (obviously, you saw the video!) after an aunt managed to make the entire 10 plus hour round trip to pick up Treloar’s grandmother.

“It was a pretty sweet moment to catch, especially after finding out that one of the Nonnas was a surprise as Michaela wasn’t sure she was going to be able to make it,” Joshua said to PEDESTRIAN.TV.

Image: Supplied.

And now, after becoming social media stars, both grandparents are still happily thrilled to have no idea what a TikTok is.

“They said ‘Oh, you’re on TikTok’ and I said: ‘What the hell is TikTok?’” Treloar laughed.

Classic nans. Gotta love ’em.

[Image credit: Joshua Huggett Media]