A QLD Couple Had Australia’s First KFC Wedding And Everyone/Thing There Was A Literal Snacc

There’s nothing more romantic than devouring a bucket full of fried chicken in a wedding dress, and besides, KFC is a cuisine best shared with family and friends.

That’s probably what Toowoomba couple Kate and Harrison Cann were thinking when they had the privilege of having the world’s first wedding organised by the colonel’s very own wedding service. The lucky couple were selected out of almost 2,000 entries into the KFC Weddings competition last September.

Adding to the spectacle, they sprung the whole ordeal on their family and friends. Not only did they find themselves at a surprise wedding, but a KFC wedding, no less.

“Our friends and family were stunned when they arrived to find out it was actually our wedding day – and not just any wedding but a KFC wedding,” the couple said.

But there was more to the theme than just the couple’s exquisite/appalling taste. Their first date was at a KFC, it turns out, so the wedding now means they’ve come full-circle.

The guests feasted on fried chicken as well as a KFC-themed wedding cake. A food truck serving KFC took care of the rest of the catering, and even the wedding guitarist kind of looked like Colonel Sanders.

Five more Aussie couples will be having KFC weddings between now and May. While KFC says this wedding was the first to be organised through their “official wedding service”, it’s important to acknowledge the KFC wedding pioneers who paved the way for Kate and Harrison.

In December last year, South African couple Hector Mkansi and Nonhlanhla Soldaat, had their own KFC-organised wedding after a video of Mkansi’s proposal at a KFC restaurant went viral.

It seems love knows no borders. A love of fried chicken, that is.