Help, I Am Obsessed With These Fucking KFC Crocs & I’ve Convinced Myself They’re “Fashion”

kfc crocs

I am a little afraid to admit it, but Kentucky Fried Chicken’s latest collaboration with Crocs is kind of a total mood.

Imagine KFC, but the ‘C’ stands for Crocs. 

I know what you’re thinking, these shoes are bound to be the ugliest things on the fucking planet, but somehow they’ve crossed the line far enough and they’re kind of cool.

“Finally. Your two favourite brands, immortalized on a rivet to prove a collaboration happened,” the description on reads.

Straight from the catwalks of Kentucky (I assume), these stylish crocs are the next big thing in statement fashion. Move over statement earrings and funky pants, food-inspired Crocs are the only energy I will be taking with me in 2020.

The soles of the shoes are designed to look like the signature KFC bucket, with red and white stripes, while the tops of the Crocs resembled crumbed, fried chicken.

“Each pair of co-branded footwear comes with two Jibbitz charms made to resemble and smell like fried chicken,” the website says.

Honestly, this fucked up promotional video explains it better than I ever could. Just watch.

I can’t say I ever wanted to walk around with fried chicken on my feet, but now that I have the option, I’m kind of into it. Is this… fashion?

If you were wondering, no, they are not edible.

For the measly price of $59.99, you can walk around with your feet in two fashionable buckets of fried chicken. Or, if you’re a Cheap Bitch like me, you can head on down to your local KFC and try to DIY an edible version of this trend.

If you’re interested in picking up a pair, you can sign up to the Crocs mailing list to be the first to know when these bad boys are available.