KFC Is Bringing Back The Mighty Tower Burger So I Better Work On Fitness All In My Gob

kfc tower burger limited time 2021

It’s been a long couple of years (three, to be exact) but the big burgie from the Colonel is coming back. Prepare thine guts and scrap your dinner plans, KFC is bringing the Tower Burger back to menus toot sweets.

Look, it might only be coming back for a limited time, but that just means we’re going to have to make the most of our brief time together. Does that mean smooching the hell out of a deliciously stacked chicken burger? You bet your sweet ass it does.

Let us pause for a moment to drool over this close up shot of a classic Tower Burg that’s just straight-up food porn at this point.

kfc tower burger

And for those about to light up the comments with “excuse me what about the Zinger Tower Burger?!?” – KFC is clearly a step ahead (or have listened to your pestering cries) and the tongue-tingler version is coming back too.

BOTH of the burgers in the Tower family are hitting menus at your local participating KFC from today (February 23) until March 22, for a tidy $8.95 a pop (or $11.95 in a combo). We’ve pretty much got 30 zingy days of trying to fit in as many of these burgers into our daily meal plans as possible without it coming off as suspicious or alarming to our loved ones.

If you’ve forgotten what makes up the iconic KFC Tower Burger (or its Zinger cousin), it’s a simple yet delicious combo of an original recipe fillet, a slice of cheese, tangy tomato sauce, that mayo that seems to taste better than every other mayo somehow, fresh lettuce, and a perfectly-crisped hash brown all stacked up and sandwiched between two soft, fluffy buns.

For those of us who love a burger with a bit of a bite back, you can switch out the OG fillet with a Zinger fillet to make that delish Zinger Tower burger happen. God I’m ready to just ignore my leftovers lunch sitting in the fridge and instead inhale one of these today, and tomorrow, and maybe the next day as well.