WATCH: Melb Grannies Bust Out Beyoncé’s ‘Single Ladies’ To Save Local Bowlo

It’s Monday night so you’re most likely reeling from whoever just died on Game of Thrones (this isn’t a spoiler I’m just assuming a bunch of people carked it as per usual) so here’s some nice, heartwarming content to bring your spirits back up.

Cop a gander at your new favourite Ladies bowling club, Chadstone Bowls, who have taken to the internet in an attempt to stop their cherished bowling green being demolished, with a bit of help from our Queen and saviour Beyoncé.

Your new fav grannies in question are Terry Foster, 82, Janine Hall, 82, and Wyn Hewett, 72 who perform their own version of ‘Single Ladies’ in the now-viral video, raising awareness for their beloved bowlo which is set to be demolished to make way for a new stadium.

And hooo boy, if this (very professionally produced btw) video of adorable, elderly women dancing on a bowling green doesn’t warm your cold, dead heart, I’m not sure what will.


For more on the campaign against Stonnington Council’s moves to demolish Chadstone Bowls, head to the Facebook group here and sign the petition here.

Source: ABC.