Sticky Fingers’ Paddy Cornwall Has Been Convicted Of Bashing Dylan Frost Outside A Syd Bowlo

Sticky Finger

Perennially-cancelled backpacker-core indie band Sticky Fingers is back in the news, with The Daily Telegraph reporting that bassist Paddy Cornwall has just been convicted of bashing lead singer Dylan Frost outside the Marrickville Bowling Club in Sydney two years ago.

Things turned sour when the boys were kicked out of the bowlo following a six-hour-long piss-up. On Monday, the court aired footage of Frost dancing down a laneway outside and throwing Cornwall’s hat away.

The court then heard that Frost pushed and shoved Cornwall out of frustration, to which Cornwall responded by punching the frontman in the face… five times.

Cornwall then pinned Frost on the ground, sat on him, and clobbered him another 26 times, the Tele reported. That’s not a typo.

Witnesses eventually broke up the fight, but when they left, Cornwall started kicking and punching Frost all over again.

It wasn’t until emergency services arrived at the scene that it stopped.

Cornwall ultimately pled guilty to affray and will now serve his 18-month jail sentence in the community, abstaining from drugs and alcohol. Frost was also charged with affray and will have his hearing in the coming weeks.

Aside from repeated accusations of sexism, racism, homophobia and transphobia, Sticky Fingers has been plagued by its own internal strife for years now.

It’s this drama that prompted Triple J to take them off the the air in 2019, to which the band responded by whinging online and calling them “a bunch of fucking maggots“.

Aside from getting less airtime, clearly not much else has changed for these boys.