Paddy Cornwall Posts Rant After “Blacklisting” Of Sticky Fingers By Triple J

Paddy Cornwall

Sticky Fingers bassist Paddy Cornwall has lashed out at triple in a series of videos posted on his personal Instagram account, calling the network “a bunch of fucking maggots” after triple j appeared to unofficially blacklist the band.

“I got something to say that no one else has the fucking cojones to say in Australia if you’re a musician or an artist,” he said. “Triple j, fuck you and your fucking artist repertoire. We don’t fucking need you, we don’t want you because you play fucking bullshit and you’re a bunch of fucking maggots, okay? 

“Over here in UK doing what we do fucking do, you can do what you fucking do. Stay in your corner, stay in your fucking lane,” he continued.

Cornwall then hit the camera with his walking stick.

“I do not represent Sticky Fingers,” he went on. I do not represent Dylan, Freddy, Seamus, Beaker, Neil, Nadia, none of them. This is me talking to you, got that? I’m fucking taking over, whether you like it or not. I’m flying the fucking radar and you love it, you fucking tarts.”

He followed up the videos with a bunch of screenshots showing support from fans.

“Fuck triple j, long live Sticky Fingers,” one read.

“Oh, triple j, triple j, triple j, I could keep sending through these requests but they’re coming in the thousands. I think what the people want is for you to stop being the fucking cowards you are and address the situation.

“You have not officially blacklisted us. You’ve done nothing, you’ve just backed out like the bunch of fucking sheep you are. So respond – from me, not from Sticky nor the boys, grow some and fucking have it.”

Cornwall said he had recorded an interview with triple j which never went to air because they wanted Dylan to talk.

The bassist then listed a number of “bullshit click-fucking bait” outlets including yours truly.

“What was done was done out of triple j’s selfish agenda alongside Music Feeds, FasterLouder, I can keep going if you like. You’re welcome for us for putting food on your tables for your bullshit click-fucking-bait. 

“I know who we are, we’re good people with good hearts, good people. So triple j once again, stay in your fucking corner, fuck off.” 

Cornwall wrapped it all up with more screenshots of fan support.