Sticky Fingers Frontman Directly Addresses Alleged Racist & Sexist Incidents

Sticky Fingers frontman Dylan Frost issued a statement via Facebook today addressing the allegations against him after the band’s Hack interview last week. They say it’s the “last time” they’ll address both the interview and the claims against Dylan.

It was the first interview the band has done since announcing their return from an almost 18-month hiatus, but some of the responses given to Tom Tilley‘s questions angered listeners, with many accusing them of being dismissive to the issues.

“It’s clear all this shit’s got outta hand and we haven’t cleared the air fully,” Dylan’s statement reads. “I have to admit that I said some things on Triple J that weren’t intended to mean how they may have sounded.”

He goes on to state that he’s not “the best speaker” and offers his account of the racial and sexist abuse he’s been accused of, including an incident involving Indigenous band Dispossessed, and another with “a friend and his girlfriend”.

“We are not media trained,” he wrote. “We didn’t want people to feel like our answers were rehearsed, or scripted, so we usually just wing it and don’t always know the right way to say what we need to say.”

Dylan also explains that the band took time out “to focus on building skills to deal with addiction and mental health,” and acknowledge that they still have much to learn from past mistakes and behaviour.

You can read his entire post below.