‘Pet Wedding Assistant’ Is A V. Real Job & It Involves Puppies In Bow Ties

Because no-one should have to go through the most important day of their life without the most important pooch in their life at their side, there’s now a category of wedding businesses that specifically caters to keeping your doggo in the bridal party: pet wedding assistants.

They work with you or your wedding planner and with your beloved pupper to make sure your furry best mate is well-behaved and as thrilled to be involved in your nuptials as any of your bridesmaids or groomsmen, and you don’t have to spend a moment away from their perfect little faces.

Sunshine Coast pet sitter Gillian Aptroot owns First Class Pet Wedding Assistants, which has been getting some bonza press recently as more and more people choose to include their four-legged buddies in their weddings and celebrations.

She told the ABC that she first realised that there was an unfilled gap in the market for pet wedding assistants last year, while she was petsitting the pooch of an engaged couple.

At the last minute the bride said ‘Well actually I’d like my dog to come along to my wedding’.

So there I was with her beautiful highland terrier Archie at their chapel looking at what’s going on and he was wearing his tuxedo and it was such a joyous event.

Aptroot says that in just a year, her business has grown from doing just one wedding avec chien per quarter to four a weekend (!).

Wonderful news for all of us who simply cannot imagine doing anything without our tiny, beloved poop machines alongside. Plus you get to dress ’em up in li’l bow ties!

Absolute magic.

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