Pour One Out For This Bride-To-Be Who Got The Pornhub URL Included In Her Wedding Invites

Weddings seem inordinately stressful to me. I love the concept of a big party all about me and the love of my life. But the planning? The expense? The bureaucratic nightmare of negotiating families? Hell. So I’m feeling particularly bad for this bride-to-be on TikTok who, amidst the stress of wedding planning, accidentally included a link to Pornhub on her invites.

Happens to the best of us? Maybe?

TikTok user @squidward.tentacles explained that she’d popped “Pornhub.com” as the placeholder text for her wedding website. Side note: did not know people have wedding websites. Yet another thing to stress about.

“So, I got my wedding invitations in the mail today. Super exciting. Except I made a very large mistake that I’m gonna share with you guys so that other brides don’t make this mistake because I’m sure it’s super common,” she said.

“This is a really cute RSVP card, but I forgot I put this fun website in as a placeholder.”

Right there on the RSVP card? A big ‘ol Pornhub URL. In a stunning font though!

@squidward.tentacles Oops #fyd #wedding #weddingtiktok #weddingtok #weddingmishaps #weddinginvitations ♬ original sound – Squid

She’d also put a random Super Eight Motel as a placeholder accomodation address and forgotten to change it.

“If you’re our guest, I promise I didn’t block rooms off at the Super Eight Motel. And if you’re my Mom — I’m sorry, I will fix it,” she said.

“I think it’s funny, personally. But I don’t think anyone else is going to think it’s funny, especially my family and Nate’s family.”

Luckily, in the comments the bride confirmed the invitation was just a sample. She said she’d wanted to suss out the paper quality and TBH, fair.

You’d also be absolutely counting your lucky stars that your Nan didn’t accidentally get a Pornhub link on the invite.

The TikToker then confirmed she would be getting people to proofread the final wedding invites. Probs a good idea.

She also posted a follow-up video with her mum’s response.

“I am cracking up!!! Did that say Pornhub.com?” Her mum wrote in a text.

She also accidentally hyperlinked to the Pornhub site which, yeah, maybe Apple should have some sort of protection against that.

@squidward.tentacles Hyperlink baby #fyp #ReTokforNature #weddingtiktok #wedding #weddingfail ♬ original sound – Squid

There are two important lessons we’re learning here: always proofread, and never tell your parents about Pornhub.

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