This TikToker Caught Her Man Cheating Via Car Bluetooth & The Resulting Saga Is *Chefs Kiss*


TikTok may be a cursed place at times, but every now and then a true gem of the earth is revealed that leaves me giggling and kicking my feet for days. Enter this TikToker, who found out that her boyfriend was cheating on her, and responded by a) exposing him on camera for us all to enjoy the showdown, b) contacting the other woman and c) becoming besties with her. Incredible.

Kayla Gardner (@kayla.g21) posted a video on TikTok titled “Wanna see something from the worst night of my life?”, in which she and a friend could be seen waiting in a car while her boyfriend was taking a phone call outside.

Little did he know, the call was connected to the car — so Kayla and her friend could see that the contact he was speaking to was called “Blonde 8” on his phone. Yikes.

The backseat friend then did the lord’s work and recorded the conversation that ensued and it is… a LOT. There’s drama, intrigue, a twist. Oh, and sound effects added in post-production. Nominate this TikToker for a short film award.

Basically, Kayla asked her boyfriend who he was talking to — only for him to say it was his mum. After asking him if he was sure, she then asked: “So why were you just talking to Blonde 8?”

The boyfriend, hesitating for just a second, told her he didn’t know what she was talking about.

This is when Kayla popped off and told him she’d seen the contact name — “a literal picture popped up!” — and said she knew that whoever he was talking to was obviously not his damn mother.

And you know what this man had the gall to respond?

“Baby, you’re seeing things. There’s no Blonde 8.”

The way I sat up and gasped! Don’t gaslight me— er, I mean her, like that!

This is where the video cuts off, much to the relief of my blood pressure.

Side note: remember when a woman found out her boyfriend was actually cheating on her with her mum? It could be worse!

In another video, the boyfriend could be seen begging Kayla to talk it out with him, which she refused. And then she called Blonde 8 — who is identified as a woman named Hannah (NOT the BF’s mum) — and Hannah answered the call with a “hey babe”. Noooo!

Kayla then proceeded to tell Hannah that “babe” was her partner of many years and that the two live together — to which Hannah gasped, apparently unaware the BF was cheating.

In another video, Hannah revealed she met the BF on Hinge, and the two had been dating for a couple of months and were “pretty serious”. Kayla then claimed she and the BF actually moved to the area around then. Yikes.

After all the tea was spilled, Hannah said she was going to block the BF, and — probably out of relief — Kayla jokingly asked if Hannah would like to go to brunch.

Much to her surprise, Hannah jumped at the chance (“I would love to hear — I can’t believe you’ve been dating for years!”) and said she could meet up literally the next day. I don’t blame her, I too would be dying for the tea.

The two did meet, and what do ya know — Hannah is brunette, but was blonde when she met the BF. He just never changed her contact name. Yikessss.

The two swapped what they knew and it turns out the two-timing BF was working harder than the devil. The key takeaways:

  • “He would copy/paste messages [to] send to us both.”
  • “Sent us the same pictures and would use the same pet names.”
  • “He would have lunch with her (Hannah) and dinner with me (Kayla).”

Kayla said the two skipped brunch, and just played Dungeons & Dragons. Oh, and she casually dropped that they called his mum.

The saga continues, it seems! But that’s the last update, so whether we’ll hear the phone call with his mum (notably NOT Blonde 8) is yet to be seen.

This actually isn’t the first time this TikToker has made headlines for a cheating scandal — she previously went viral after catching a man cheating on her via a cruise ship security cam.

That story was largely speculated to be fake, though — and when you consider the timeline (it was posted a year ago, and she says she’s been dating this guy for years) — well, just take this all with a grain of salt.

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