A TikToker Tried To Find Out If Her BF Cheated On Her By Analysing A Tampon From His Room Like NCIS

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A gal on TikTok tried to find out if her boyfriend cheated on her by analysing a tampon she found in his bedroom as if she worked for the NCIS.

In a recent TikTok video, 23-year-old TikToker Lois Saunders (@loissa4) finds a tampon and mascara under her boyfriend Finn’s wardrobe and decides to do some srs Nancy Drew sleuthing.

From there, she looks up what the code on the side of the tampon means and gets in touch with tampon company Tampax and their parent company Proctor and Gamble to learn more.

“I have a tampon with the code 93452080N2 on the side,” she said in a screenshot of her email exchange.

“It’s yellow, regular. Can this tell me when it was manufactured?”

The video then cuts to a reply from a customer service member of Tampax who tells Saunders that the tampon was made on December 11, 2019.


#tampax had my back 👯

♬ original sound – Lois Sa

According to Insider, where we first came across this story, representatives for Procter and Gamble confirmed the screenshots were real.

Saunders clarified in video replies to her original video that she and Finn weren’t together when the tampon was manufactured and later discovered that several girls had previously lived in the university share house.

“So, at this point [when the story occured] we weren’t actually together,” she said.

“We had been speaking kinda seriously for a few months but not properly together. Obviously, I was like, ‘I just want to make sure everything was fine’.

“Then Tampax emailed back and we were just like laughing about it.”


Reply to @way2fiesty4u1 STORY TIME P1 #storytime

♬ original sound – Lois Sa


Reply to @jwhittle5 Clearing fins name #storytime

♬ original sound – Lois Sa

Since revealing that he didn’t cheat on her, people have been divided by Saunders’ story. However, it’s not the wildest dating hack that we’ve seen on TikTok. One gal restricted all of her mates from her Insta Stories list just to make her ex jealous.

If you’re curious, Saunders claims that you can find out when a beauty or health product was made via a website called Check Cosmetic.