Bless This Uber Driver Who Dumped A Cheating Passenger & His Mistress Onto His Wife’s Lawn

Bless This Uber Driver Who Dumped A Cheating Husband & His Mistress Onto His Wife's Lawn. Image is the Uber Driver with crown emojis.

Messy TikTok has delivered yet again, folks! This time, an Uber driver has recounted the savage dose of karma she gave to a passenger who was cheating on his wife.

TikTok user and Uber driver Roni (@perfectly_unbroken) picked up a man from his home, where his wife and children kissed him goodbye. Pretty standard, right?

Except, the husband then added a stop to his trip — and lo and behold, a woman joined him on his ride, complete with overnight luggage. And then began complaining about his wife.

“I am so glad you finally got away from your damn wife,” the woman said according to Roni, before the two began kissing in the backseat. YIKES.

The woman then apparently complained about constantly being “put off” and demanded to know when the man was leaving his wife.

“Keep in mind, I was about five miles from his house,” Roni said.

“Things didn’t turn out so well for him.

“I took him back to his house. I drove up and made him and [the mistress] get out of my car, at his home, where his wife and his kids were.

“Both of them had baggage. And both of them were standing in the front yard when I left.”

Ooft. Queen shit!!

Naturally, the comments were filled with people praising her for taking direct action and exposing the cheating husband.

“Not all superheroes wear capes,” one person wrote.

“Please tell us you honked when you dropped them off queen,” wrote another.

“5 stars,” commented a third.

For the haters who thought Roni behaved unprofessionally for an Uber Driver, she clarified that as an independent contractor she was allowed to terminate the ride if someone was doing something “crappy” in her car.

“There was no other way this was going to go on,” she said.

“There is nothing worse than a dog.

“I don’t care if you’re male or female, pull some shit like that in my car and you’re gonna get done like that,” she continued.

“Karma’s a motherfucker. Be better people.”