This Woman Caught Her Cheating Man After Unwittingly Being The Uber Driver For His New Girl

Uber Driver's TikToks about catching her boyfriend cheating.

In today’s dose of unhinged TikTok relationship drama, this Uber driver found out her man was seeing someone else because he got into the back of her car with another woman. I’m manifesting his customer rating to plummet as we speak.

Now, there’s nothing I love more than MessyTok, AKA the side of TikTok where people share dramas from their life that maybe should have stayed in the drafts but were aired out for our viewing pleasure. These woman are braver than the marines, etc.

But funnily enough, this TikTok isn’t messy — in fact, this woman is composed and mature. Which some how makes this story even better. Let’s dive in to this juicy little tidbit, shall we?

It all starts with Uber driver and TikTok user Jen Worden (@jword444) who uploaded a video captioned: “when you decide to stay in on a Friday, drive for Uber and your man gets in the back seat with another girl”.

Obviously the video went viral. At the time of writing it has 3.1 million views and hundreds of comments begging for a story time. Ask, and thou shalt receive.

In a follow up series consisting of three parts Jen told the tale of what exactly went down, and honestly, this would be my villain origin story.

First, Jen clarified that she met the guy on Hinge, they’d gone out a few times and she’d recently been introduced to his friends. Though tbh if a guy was introducing me to his friends I would probably assume the connection is going somewhere.

Anyway, she was working as an Uber driver when she received a pick-up request from a girl (THE girl). A man sidled into the car with her and sat behind the drivers seat. This, paired with the masks they were wearing, meant they didn’t recognise each other — until she heard his voice.


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“So I look in the rear view mirror and we make eye contact, and that’s when we both know,” she said. But despite this, he didn’t saying anything throughout the Uber ride. He acted as though he didn’t know her.

“That’s when I was like, ‘Wait, what’s happening right now?’” she said, explaining her confusion. Oh, honey.

After she dropped her man and the girl off, Jen said the guy called her and apologised for being weird, admitting he should have said something, etc. Oh, and he swore that he and the girl were “just friends”.

Because the universe loves drama, the next day Jen and the girl ran into each other at the local bar (aided by a waitress who had seen the original TikTok) and, well, the guy’s lies unravelled real fast.


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Jen then called him to the bar, not telling him that both girls he was playing were there and she confronted him. He apologised and paid their AUD$300 bar tab, and Jen walked away amicably like the non-petty queen she is. Which I admire, even though I wish this story was embellished with some drink throwing and chair over-turning.


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TikTokers following Jen’s story were amazed that the two gals happened to meet literally that same weekend.

“[The] universe was with you that day trying to show you the truth,” someone commented.

Others were still raging that he never said anything in the Uber to begin with.

“He went the whole Uber without acknowledging you and you thought they were just friends?” another asked.

Look, let’s not blame Jen for being saner than the rest of us and giving this guy a chance to explain, rather than crashing the Uber like ~some of us~ may have done. And by some of us I mean me.

Some people are just born different.